7 Reasons Why You Should Have A Destination Wedding

Planning one of the most important days of your life is, by no means, an easy feat. Pulling off a wedding could potentially be one of the most stressful times of your life involving decisions about multiple things, including the venue, a theme, the guest list, and even a DJ. 

To some people, the process of planning this special occasion may seem extremely exciting. It’s just like planning a party for a few hundred guests, right? On the contrary, there’s a reason the term “bridezilla” was invented. The majority of brides are constantly stressed from the moment they’re proposed till the night before their wedding.

Wedding destinations provide an engaged couple with a chance to do something different and take less stress than that’s usually involved with planning a traditional ceremony.

Your special day is one of the most memorable days of your life, and you should be able to enjoy the process as much as possible. With destination weddings accounting for 25 percent of all ones, it might actually be a good idea for you and your fiance to take this route.

So, here are seven reasons why a destination wedding may be the best idea:

They Give You Less Stress

Most classic wedding movies are set against the backdrop of a destination wedding. Contrary to what most people think, this type of ceremonies are much easier to plan as compared to traditional ones.

Many cruise lines and resorts across the globe have made it easy to make arrangements and pull off quick, stress-free weddings. Rose Hall, for instance, is a fantastic destination if you want to host your special day in the Carribean. According to Rose Hall, the resort even helps you out with your marriage license, photography and videography, and entertainment. 

Apart from this, there are plenty of options in beautiful destinations that can help you pull off a destination wedding. If you’re not going for a resort, then you can opt for a planner who can help you out with everything or you can even choose to do it entirely by yourself.

They’re More Affordable

Surprisingly, this type of weddings are more affordable than traditional ones. Many factors contribute to these cost savings. For starters, you have a much shorter guest list where guests pay for their travel and accommodation expenses. Additionally, it also gives you and your fiance the chance to combine your special occasion with your honeymoon if you stay for an extra week or two. Lastly, you don’t need to spend too much on the decor and aesthetics since your choice of location does this for you.

They Give You An Intimate Setting

Many couples who consider a destination wedding do it because they want to spend more intimate time with their close friends and family. The ceremony where you’re accommodating over a hundred guests doesn’t give you the chance to have personal interactions with the people you love when you’re jumping from table to table.

It is a commitment on the part of the guests, so people who aren’t as invested in your wedding will be eliminated automatically. As a result, only people who really want to be there are part of your big day, and you can have an intimate experience with them at a beautiful destination.

They Allow You To Plan Multiple Events

Most couples who choose to host a destination wedding do it because they don’t just want an event that celebrates their commitment. These couples have often attended this type of ceremony in the past and probably had a positive experience. Regardless, it gives couples the chance to host multiple events that they know their guests will attend since they’ll be right there with them.

A destination wedding is an excellent chance for couples to spend time with their loved ones and actually hang out. The pre-wedding phase is a busy time where guests rarely get the time to spend time with you. It gives you the chance to fix that problem.

They Allow You To Decide Everything

A traditional way may not allow you to unleash your creativity due to cultural limitations. Additionally, sometimes families of the bride and groom want the wedding to be planned in a way that was done by their ancestors, thus preventing a couple from planning it according to their preferences.

A destination wedding ensures that the couple can host a wedding that’s more in line with their personalities. At the end of the day, you’re the boss, and you can do whatever you like.

They Give You A Vacation

This type of wedding serves as a vacation, too, not just for the guests but also for the couple. Many people would jump at the chance to go on a vacation since they can provide everyone the opportunity to relax and have fun. Everyone gets an escape from their busy and stressful lives, and it could offer a much-needed break. Many hotels and airlines even offer discounted prices for large groups, which is also applicable if your guests are arriving from different places. 

They Give You Captivating Photos

A traditional hall leads to a generic photo shoot due to the limited backdrops it offers. A destination wedding that’s set against a beach or the mountains will give you unlimited options for breathtaking photos. Additionally, while you’re exploring venue options, you should consider doing an engagement photoshoot.

To pull this off, it’s vital to find a photographer who will put his or her heart in the photoshoot and capture all the details, emotions and connections that you’ll want to relive later.


If the reasons listed above are tempting enough, a destination wedding might be the right path for you and your fiance. From Jamaica to Hawaii, there are many popular wedding destinations you can consider.

It starts your marriage on the right note by beginning it with an adventure. It may seem like a daunting task at first, but a destination wedding will give you memories that’ll stay ingrained in your head throughout your life.

 Have you ever planned this type of ceremony or attended one? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!