Essential Gear for Running

Running is perhaps the most convenient sport that you can do anywhere and at any time. Hence, your running gear can have a major impact on your motivation and performance. In fact, having the proper gear is important – whether you are a beginner or a well-established athlete. The right gear will improve your success chances, and it might make your runs more comfortable ad enjoyable. So, in this article, you will be able to read about the must-have running gear. Let’s take a look at the list:

1. Running Shoes

The most important piece of gear you will need as a runner are shoes. Hence, you should spend money and time looking for the perfect ones. If you want to stay healthy and pain-free, you will need a pair of well-cushioned running shoes that will feel comfortable and that will match your foot gait and biomechanics. If you’re trying to relieve the pain that results from not having proper support and cushioning or if you want extra shock absorption, Protalus shoe insoles are a great choice. Keep in mind that running in our old sneakers can lead to injuries and pain, so, get rid of your old running shoes instantly. If you want to read more about running shoes, click here.

2. Shirt

The choice you make will mostly depend on the weather and season. That is why you will need to purchase shirts for different temperatures and seasons, in various fabrics and weights. These can include sleeveless shirts, heavy turtlenecks, light shirt, and so on. You should avoid buying cotton shirts. Instead, choose clothes that are made with technical fabrics. They will keep moisture away from your skin, leaving it on the surface where it will evaporate. These materials are also light, cool, and comfortable against the skin.

3. Leg Attire

When it comes to your leg attire, there are two main choices – short and running tights. The best shorts are made from lightweight, breathable materials, with a light mesh on the interior side. You should also consider getting shorts that have extra pockets for carrying your keys, phone, or ID. The best tights are made from stretchy fabrics like Supplex or Nylon. These will keep moisture away and they will feel comfortable against your skin.

4. A Sports Watch

If you are really serious about your exercise routine, then a sports watch might come n handy. A watch that has a good GPS system can turn every workout session into a data-producing one. It is perfect for keeping track of your running time, see patterns in your training, and taking splits during the running.

5. Heart Rate Monitor

A heart rate monitor is strapped to your chest and it will provide you with an accurate reading of your heartbeat while running. It is useful if you want to avoid undertraining or overtraining. A heart rate monitor will act like a running coach that can help you to find the best training spot – not too little, not too much. And you will no longer have to guess your training intensity level or pace.


If you are either a beginner or an advanced runner, the gear from this article will make your runs more comfortable, pain-free, and less overwhelming. Hence, if you do not have this gear or if you are missing a few items, do not waste any more time and start searching for the perfect gear that will fit your needs perfectly.

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