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Real Estate Marketing Guide For Starting Agents

Are you entering the real estate business? You might have some knowledge, but if you don’t know where to start and you feel anxious, that is completely normal. The best way to get a kick start is to talk to some experienced colleagues that can shower you with advice.

Here’s what we learned after interviewing Muhammad Hayat, an experienced Real estate marketer. We asked Muhammad a couple of questions related to real estate marketing for agents who are just getting starting this year in 2019.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Muhammad Hayat: My name is Muhammad Hayat and I’m 22 years old from Pakistan. Been in the industry for almost 7 years now I use to be a penetration tester back in the days when I started and I’m officially acknowledged by companies like Google, Microsoft, Bitdefender, fastly and many more for finding the security vulnerabilities.  Then, later I started working as a freelance web designer and developer. I had programming skills so I started doing freelance work. Building websites and web apps for clients all around the world I’ve worked with clients from USA, Australia, Canada, and many more countries and it’s a very interesting thing about the internet if you have a skill you can work with people around the world.

Here is the best part!

Most of the time I’ve worked with Real estate agents I don’t know what was the reason but out of 10 people, 5 used to be real estate agents. That’s when I started taking interest in digital marketing for real estate agents. I wasn’t selling or promoting any digital marketing service for real estate agents but I was working with my clients promoting their property listings online using various social media platforms.

That’s how I started to get more clients from the real estate industry for various needs like web design, personal branding, and marketing.

Why marketing is important for Real estate agents

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Muhammad Hayat: Well, marketing is important for almost every business not just Real estate. Otherwise, you leave a lot of money on the table. The Internet is very powerful especially when it comes to growing a business. You can put yourself in front of potential customers with your phone using the internet. And if we specifically talk about real estate using the internet you can put yourself in front of those people who are looking for you in your city or state.

Let tell you something

I often do research for keywords and different sort of stuff for my real estate clients and I see there are a lot of people searching for real estate agents in every city and state. But people who get in front of the buyers and sellers first always win.

Share some of your best real estate marketing tips

Muhammad Hayat: That’s an interesting question there are hundreds of ways to become a superstar of your city or state as a Real estate agent. I’ll share some of the tips that really worked for me and some mistake real estate agents should avoid

Real estate marketing tips

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  • Have a memorable design website
  • Join the local groups of your city or state on Social media
  • Create and share valuable content

Have a memorable design website

Building a real estate website will be one of your valuable investment in building your personal brand online. Because without a website you cannot showcase your work, feedbacks, and content to attract more visitors and audience. Guess what? Most of the real estate deals are usually made from Connections, family members, you must have heard about people buy from people they trust? So you have to showcase your work and what other people are saying about you to become a trusted person.

Join the local groups of your city or state on Social media

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A local community group on social media can help you more than enough to build an audience and network with people online who are also living in the same area. If you have an ad budget make sure you run the Facebook ads as well to get in front of the RIGHT PEOPLE more quickly!!!

Create and share valuable content

Remember when I said? People buy from people they trust. This is how you become a trusted person online and content is the key to success online anyway. Share valuable content that helps your target audience for a Real estate agent they are home buyers and home sellers. So make sure you create content that educates these people that’s how you build a trusted relationship with them.

There’s nothing wrong with recording a video that explains something valuable for home sellers and then sharing with them on Facebook, or Linkedin.

Here are some people who did that and whom you can find on social media:

  • Ryan Serhant
  • Fredrik Eklund
  • Josh Altman
  • Mauricio Umansky
  • Katrina Campins

Real estate marketing mistakes

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I’ve mostly worked with new real estate agents because they are the ones usually looking for real estate websites. So I’ve noticed some of the mistakes they make

  • One time marketing
  • One time kickers

One time marketing

I’ve seen Real estate agents spending 100 or 200 in ads and expecting 1000 thousand leads and 5/10 deals this is not how it works. Marketing is an on-going process you have to have a monthly marketing budget that you spend on an on-going basis to build an audience, generate leads, and close deals. As you have seen the above Real estate agents in the example they’ve spent years to build an audience and powerful personal brand and have spent thousands of dollars to constantly market themselves.

When I say they’ve spent thousands of dollars I didn’t mean you should also spend. A small amount on an on-going basis can also help you to give results in long run. You don’t have to expect a lot of leads but you can get data for every dime you spend. That makes your facebook ads and you smarter to put yourself in front of the right people

One time kickers

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This one usually makes me laugh, And this is something that usually happens. When I say one-time kicker that means people who make a plan to crush it on social media, make all content creation plans but usually end up posting for 3 days sometimes a week. Then stop creating content for another 2 weeks and this mistake usually fails all the agents who are trying to stand out from the crowd. So make sure you keep pushing quality content at least twice a day on Facebook and Instagram and targeting your local area.

Last words

Get excited about what you do for your personal brand and you won’t fail again. Engage with people who engage with your comments and be helpful to everyone. Maybe someone you help today can become your top paying client tomorrow. We want to thank Muhammad Hayat for this interview and the useful tips he provided for all the future marketers!

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