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Worst Social Media Marketing Mistakes


Is your business or brand not getting the attention it deserves? You might be doing these social media marketing failures!

Social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, can be awesome platforms for telling the story of your brand in a visually inspired, artistic way. But in some cases, they can be a laughing punch line.

Remember the Dove transformation ad when a black woman shifted into a white woman after using Dove lotion? Well, we can say it does not really fit with the company’s brand messaging and potentially sends an insult feeling to the huge part of their audience.

How about the Snapchat’s “Would You Rather” ad featuring the faces of Rihanna (Slap Rihanna) and Chris Brown (Punch Chris Brown)? There are social media marketing mistakes out there, and we don’t have enough time to detail all of them.

Instead, take note of these social media marketing mistakes and learn from them. Happy reading!

  • Not determining your goals

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One of the social media marketing mistakes that most companies do. What do you want to obtain and how will you achieve it? With clear business goals, you’ll have an accurate vision of your target as well as determine where you’re heading with your marketing roadmap. This will help you to stay focused and move so quickly as well.

  • Targeting the wrong audience

Social media platforms compose of different types of people. Hence, it is crucial to know who your target audience really is. After all, your sales will come from them. Your target audience is a set of people you want to see, hear, and communicate with regularly. To figure out who these core clients are, ask yourself the following questions:

“What is their average income?”

“Where is your audience located?”

“What are their hobbies?”

“What industry do they work in?”

  • Not constructing a social media plan/strategy

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Let us say you are a home designer, with a goal of designing a property. Do you first build a rough draft to plan out your strategy or go and purchase your supplies and then immediately go to the job site? It is just like social media.

An unidentified plan or strategy will not allow you to tailor your campaigns to your goals. A social media marketing plan is specifically crucial if you’re planning to develop services and products in your business that will meet your target market’s needs. And it’s always a good idea to look into Instagram automation so you don’t need to spend so much time responding to every person when you could be building your business.

  • Not creating video

Social media video marketing is a massive explosion, and you should be taking advantage of it before anything else. Around ninety percent of internet users claim that video plays an integral role in buying decisions. You don’t necessarily have to be very skillful in creating video content. Just keep in mind not to post videos that have low sound quality, gritty, or pointless.

  • Posting crappy photos or stock images

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Be aware of this, or else your audience will hit the unfollow button! Most consumers do not like stock photos or crappy photos in their newsfeed, so avoid posting them. If you really have the need to use stock photos, make sure to pick one that looks like an actual sincere shot and tell a real story.

  • Being tactless

I can say one of the important tips for beginners to Instagram, Facebook, and other social media sites. Never let your tactless side ruin all your effort. Several big brands have fallen into the trap by posting ads on their websites and social media platforms that are completely offensive and insensitive to certain events and groups.

Take for an instance the Dove advertisement we have mentioned earlier. Say no to posts that show violence, sexism, racism, and other related-contents. Using a foul language is also a no-no.

  • Abusing your social media platforms

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Some marketers have a firm belief that posting in various social media sites is beneficial, which is actually NOT. Remember the rule: “Quality over Quantity”. Making one to two publications is enough, just be sure they are well-designed and captivating. All your audience does not spend time on some platforms, despite everything.

  • Ignoring your customers or their feedbacks

Social networks are all about communication. Thus, always be responsive as often as possible. Do not neglect your subscribers and even the reviews and comments. You don’t need to reply too long messages or a question. A simple thank you will bring a good impact both to your post and business.

Your audience wants to feel important, so give it to them. Of course, there are haters and a few hateful comments – you cannot please everyone as they say. Don’t attempt to reply with the same feeling. Instead, respond in a respectful and kind manner.

  • Not being straightforward

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Another worst social media marketing mistake to avoid is generating fake news. If you’re unsure of a thing, keep your hands off the keyboard. Your business will be the one to suffer most if you post false claims or lies even one. AND… don’t plagiarize and copy.

  • Spamming

The most successful social media pages are those that do not self-promote and spam. The false engagement versions or spammy links won’t work at all. Try to engage, provide valuable contents, and get in touch with your share of the audience.

  • Ignoring paid social media advertising

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Yes, social media advertising works and it can help your business or brand to boost. While you need to lend some dollars, the perks still weigh over your cost. These paid social media advertising tools enable you to target with incredible detail. Plus, you’ll get a certain ratio of guarantee that your visitors will see your posts.

There are many options given for paid social media advertising, which include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. There are niche and emerging platforms too, like Houzz, Snapchat, and Nextdoor. If you’re starting on Instagram, make sure you don’t make any rookie mistakes, by following these Instagram tips for beginners.

It is very crucial to review your social media campaigns thoroughly to avoid these and more social media marketing fails. By having a solid marketing strategy and having the right tools at hand, you can establish a brand that is next to none!

Peter is a freelance writer with more than eight years of experience covering topics in politics. He was one of the guys that were here when the started.