The Newbie’s Guide in Finding a Hosting Company


During these times, everything takes place on the internet. If you want to get in on the action, you also need to start your own website. Now, if you want to launch a website, then you need three simple things: A host, a domain name, and last but not least, a fully developed website. Here we will be talking mostly about how to find a good host server for your website. If you don’t already know, the server you choose as your host server can either make or break, your website. It is a literal matter of life and death. No need to panic, though, you have stumbled upon a quick guide that will show you the ropes.

  • What is a host server?

In simple terms, it is basically a place where you transfer all the content of your website from your computer. Then, that device uploads all that content to the internet in the form of the website you created, where people get to access its contents.

  • What type of hosting do you need?

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See, there are three types of web hosting; depending on what you need, after reading this you will be able to choose a better web hosting company.

First, what we have here is shared hosting. As the name suggests, it is where more than one website share the same host server. The upside is that it is quite a cheap option. On the other hand, it is only suitable if you have a small website, or if your website is not one that gets a million visitors per second.

Second, there is the total opposite option which is, a dedicated server hosting. It means that you will have your own private server. Not only does this mean maximum speed, it also means maximum security and privacy. If you are launching the next Netflix, go with that option.

Finally, we have an option that is right in between the two extremes; it’s called VPS hosting. With this option, you won’t get your own server per se. However, you will get a portion of the server as your own private property. Most average web sites usually go with this option.

  • What is your budget?

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Now that you have a better idea of what type of hosting you need, the determining factor would be your budget. If you are operating on a minimal budget, it is better if you stick with shared hosting. If you absolutely want to stay away from shared hosting, you can always look into using coupons to get a better hosting deal. Most big hosting companies, like GoDaddy and Bluehost offer coupons. Do your research and see which site offers the best deals for your needs. More information about this can be found here.

On the contrary, if you are at some liberty to spend money, opt for VPS hosting; it is usually the most suitable option. As for dedicated server hosting, it is more a matter of whether you need it or not, rather than it being a money-related matter.

Final Words

While this guide may have given you things to think about regarding your web hosting company choices, it is highly important that you keep in mind that you are the only one who knows your website. Every detail of it is probably etched in your mind. This is why the responsibility of choosing a web hosting company lies completely within your hands.