How to Make Money with Online Surveys

It has been obvious for a quite a long time that big brands what to have a peek into the consumer’s brain so to understand them and know what the potential buyer wants.

The companies give huge amounts of money on marketing trying to get their product to sell, and they are burning a lot of cash to get the information needed. That’s where Online Surveys come into play.

If you’ve ever been interested in making a little cash on the side, then online surveys might be the thing for you. They usually can take up to 30 minutes to complete, and the pay is not that great, but it can provide you with a sum of money each month just by doing… nothing.

We’re here to recommend you the best online survey websites available to you.

1. Survey Junkie


At number one for a reason, Survey Junkie has over 5 million registered members! The surveys you fill are usually screening questions, and there are no special requirements. You get points for completing each of those, usually, 10- 90 and 100 points is equal to 1$. Once you’ve hit 1000 points, or 10$, you can redeem them through PayPal or electronic gift cards. Surveys can take a single minute of your time or up to 20.

2. MyPoints

MyPoints pays you when you go online shopping, watch videos, play games and of course surveys. They are owned by the same company as Swagbucks, and they reward you with points which can be exchanged for money. Minimum payout through PayPal stands at 25$ which is somewhere around 4000 points, that means that each point is worth little over half a cent. Points can also be redeemed for gift cards, predominantly eBay and Amazon. MyPoints surveys take up to 20 minutes to complete.

3. Inbox Dollars

One of the easiest, simple and convenient, Inbox Dollars is one of the best store surveys out there. It pays you for watching videos, playing games, shop online, explore new websites and taking surveys. The way it works is that it pays for the valuable information you are gathering while doing so. Minimum cash out is 30$, but if you want to waive the standard fee of 3$, we recommend cashing out 40$ dollars.

4. Vindale Research

Vindale Research is one of the oldest online survey company out there. Based in New York, the company pays you only in cash, not points. They work by offering the best prices per survey which can be between 25 cents and 50$ for each of those. The more complicated ones are the best paid, but usually, it takes a longer time and is a lot more demanding.

5. One Opinion

One Opinion is doing product testing apart from online surveys. The reward in points and 1000 points is 1$. Cash out starts when you hit 25,000 points or 25$ and can be done via PayPal or via gift cards. If can make it to the rank of “panel member” of OneOpinion, you can be paid in testing a new product at home before release.

6. Earning Station

Earning Station is an online survey website that rewards users for completing various tasks, watching videos, shopping and referring friends.

It pays you in points called Station Dollars, and they can be exchanged for gift cards (Amazon, Walmart, eBay…), virtual gift cards and PayPal.

The PayPal and virtual gift cards option is better, while physical gift cards are mailed, and it can usually take up to 6 weeks receive. Earning Station is new and is open to the USA residents, and you have to be 18+.

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