Helpful Tips for Planning a Stress-Free Golf Holiday

Finally having some long-awaited time all to yourself always feels great. It rarely happens which means you have to do absolutely everything in your power to make it the best time possible. Holidays are best spent doing what you love the most, be it traveling to new faraway countries or spending time at home. Whatever floats your boat, you should do it. You can even take your boat for a float! All joking aside, holiday time is the best time of the year and the busier your life is the more you need it. Waiting all year for a week or two off is sadly not the most optimal way to live, but that is what society is like right not and all we can do is comply and do the same. Eventually, we all get more free time than before but before you get there you have to plan a stress-free holiday whenever you get the chance.

In this article we are focusing on a particular type of holiday, or rather on people who have a certain sport as their go-to hobby and relaxation activity. We are of course talking about golfing and golf holidays. As a sport, golf is a unique activity that combines relaxation with actual physical challenge. No other sport offers this type of experience, especially when it comes to holidays. Have you ever heard of a basketball, or a football holiday? How about a hockey one, or track and field? Except for maybe swimming in the sense of a summer holiday, and active holidays that include cycling, running, and trekking, there isn’t a sport in the world that can actually be the reason why somebody travels somewhere. Luckily, for golfers and golf enthusiasts, their number one sport is special. In this article we examine the phenomenon that is the golf holiday and tell you how to plan a stress-free golfing getaway adventure. Read on to learn more.

Get Help from the Pros

If planning out your own golfing trip feels like too much work and you want things to be completely stress-free, why not let those who plan holidays for others do the same for you? Just like with any other holiday, you can get in contact with an agency or a service who will do everything for you. From finding the best destination to offering the best deals to you based on your preferences, it is their job to care for your needs. If comparing prices and figuring out the dates is already too much stress for you, if you only want to pay for what you want and pack once the time to leave approaches, then you need the right place and the right people to do it for you. There are places that specialize in golf tourism and golfing holidays so booking a trip with them should be the best option for you. If you want a great place to do so with worldwide offers and destinations, make sure to check out

Pick the Right Destination

In terms of golfing holidays, it is all about the destination. Forget those who say that it is about the time it takes to get there as much as it is about the destination. When you travel for golf, you want to play golf, period. No matter how nice the way there may be, it is only a means to an end. Therefore, picking the right golf resort with plenty of courses is the number one tip we have for you when planning a holiday without stress. When you finally pick a resort, everything else about the trip will come easy and when you finally get there, you will be glad that you picked it.

In terms of how to choose the best resort, it depends on what your expectations are and what you want from the trip. Do you care about the actual golf more, or do you want to kick back and relax with an occasional game of golf here and there? If you are competitive and want to prove you are a good golfer, pick resorts that are popular among the pros and courses that offer varying degrees of difficulty. If, on the other hand, you want to relax, eat, drink, and chill, choose a resort that has the most to offer to the guests in terms of facilities and amenities.

Proximity to your home is also important. If it is too close, it will not feel like a holiday. If it is too far, you will be tired both when you get there and when you get home. A fine balance needs to be struck so look for a resort within the borders of your country but far away from your hometown. If possible, hop to the next country or few countries over if you can figure out a direct flight or route. Just be sure not to spend a lot of time traveling as it is the opposite of a stress-free experience.

Mind with Whom You Are Traveling

Golfing holidays are somewhat infamous and stereotypical because they imply the guys going away together for the weekend, both to play golf and to take a breather from their hectic family lives. This of course does not need to be the case. However, as a working adult who needs a vacation, isn’t it better to leave the kids with the grandparents or a sitter for the weekend, or a week even, and go just with your partner? It can be both romantic and relaxing. It does not even matter that one of you does not golf. There are plenty of other things to do in resorts, from walks in beautiful nature and just driving around in golf carts, to utilizing facilities like spas, pools, or gyms. Golf resorts often have some of the best wine and dine options too, so why not try the specialties together? If you want a stress-free experience, travel only with those you do not mind spending every moment with. If that means just by your lonesome, then you do you and go alone!