Sk8 the Infinity Season 2 – Updates You Need to Know Today!

Every fan of anime around the globe was ecstatic when the Sk8 the Infinity season 1 was released. The anime season has a huge fan following around the globe, with even merchandise available online in multiple forms. Every viewer of this famous anime series has been wondering if there is going to be Sk98 the Infinity Season 2. The story of the first season showed the story of two skaters.

Despite all the challenges that came in the production of the first season of Sk8 the Infinity, the show grabbed the attention of every die-hard anime fan around the world. With the enthralling storyline, the smooth character development and not to mention, the amazing skating scenes, the show became one of the top-ranking anime series. The high rating of this anime series led users to hope for the second season. So, if you want to find out if there is going to be Sk8 the Infinity season 2, then keep reading the article below.

Sk8 the Infinity Season 2: Updates You Need to Know Today!

Plot Of Season 1

Action, drama, and amazing visuals, I would describe the first season of Sk8 the Infinity in these three words. The first episode of season 1 was released back in January 2021, and the last episode in April 2021. The first season of Sk8 the Infinity had a total of 12 episodes. This season is the production of the famous Studio Bones and the direction of Hiroko Utsumi.

The storyline of the first season revolved around teenagers who are die-hard fans of skating. The major story is about a skater Reki who is a pro skater and a member of S. S is basically a club or a community of skaters who are always racing each other on skateboards. The fight between two skaters is called a ‘Beef’. Reki is a die-hard fan of skating, and one of the top pro skaters, until another student gets transferred to his class. Langa, who is a sophomore in high school, is a transfer student, who is a pro skater.

Reki takes Langa to a competition of S and challenges Shadow to a Beef. Shadow is one of the best skaters in the community, and Reki fails to beat him. However, Langa manages to defeat Shadow, which earns him the respect and the friendship of Reki. The story revolves around these two boys skating together and developing a bond over their mutual love for skating. The two characters teach each other their own moves and tactics in skating.

Will There Be Season 2?

Initially, there were no plans of continuing Sk8 the Infinity, after it ended in April 2021. The ending of the season left all the viewers in awe, which then caused the demand for a new season of the amazing show. The director and the production team of Sk8 the Infinity remained quiet about the release of a new season of the show for a few months after the ending of season 1. However, in July 2021 there was an official statement on Twitter.

Due to huge demand and love from around the globe, the directors decided to go ahead with the production of the Sk8 project. It was said on Twitter that a new production of Sk8 is under process, which led to fans questioning if it was a new season or not. Here is the part which has left every fan confused, even though there is confirmed news that a new Sk8 project is currently under production, we still do not know if it is an Sk8 the Infinity season 2. There have been speculations that the new project is not the second season of the amazing show, but it may be a movie.

The directors and the production team have remained quiet after releasing the confirmation of the new project. They have not yet confirmed if their latest project is the Sk8 the Infinity season 2 or not. So, fans around the globe are left wondering if they will get a new season or an Sk8 movie.

Further Updates

On 4th July 2021, the news about No Border animation Studio, and Studio Bones working together on a new Sk8 project broke on the internet. It is safe to say that this news had all the fans of Sk8 sitting on the edges of their seats and hoping for a new season of the amazing show Sk8 the Infinity. However, as the directors and the writers have not yet confirmed if the latest production will be the next season or a movie, we are not sure of what to expect.

However, whether it is a new season or a movie, sources have stated that it will be released in 2024. Even though there has not been an official release date announced, fans are sure that it will be soon as a trailer of the new projects has been shared. The video trailer that has been circulating on the internet shows snippets of the latest Sk8 project. This gave fans hope that they will soon be seeing Sk8 on their screens. The official account has stated that they will soon update on the release date of their latest production, so fingers crossed.


When the first few episodes of the Sk8 the Infinity were released, we knew this season was going to be a hit, and so it was. The first season got a high score on MyAnimeList and even has a high rating. With the love that the first season of Sk8 received, the directors were compelled to continue this project, and start the production of another Sk8 project. However, it is still not confirmed if the ongoing production is of Sk8 the Infinity season 2 or not. But, we will be getting more Sk8 content soon, that is confirmed.