Pinterest Automation Tools

In the times of visual culture, Pinterest as an image-based social network is gradually growing its audience and becoming more exploited by businesses for social marketing, spreading certain ideas, or advertising products.

These kinds of things require a lot of involvement which eventually can’t be maintained without using automation tools. The number of monthly Pinterest users has risen from 128 million to 444 million over the past five years. The same growth can be seen in the variety of enhancement tools that are becoming unavoidable in this type of business.

Let’s see what they are and how to use them.

What do Pinterest bots do?

A Pinterest bot is software that is developed to be used for automating multiple processes on Pinterest that are simultaneously and consistently run according to its user’s settings.

Different bots might provide different tasks to be automated. Scheduling pins or automating comments and follows are among the most popular use cases. However, the main task for business purposes is gathering data from different users and your engagement with them that can be monitored and analyzed.

Therefore, automation tools are best used for:

  • Scraping Pinterest for you and extracting valuable data automatically,
  • Adapting your messages for SEO by automating and rotating keywords,
  • Finding users that are more likely to follow you and like your boards.

Scraper bots for Pinterest allow you to analyze the data without needing to invest too much time in gathering this data from other users. That unburdens you from doing all the dirty work by collecting different things from different corners of the social network. You can focus more on analyzing the material that you already have and identifying crucial tendencies and patterns from it that can be used for your ad campaigns or decisions on your products.

Whereas adapting for SEO is a key advantage of automation tools, you can use the Spin Syntax feature here that popular bots such as Jarvee have. That helps you automate your texts with keywords while making your sentences more creative.

Of course, Pinterest is not a place where you will find tons of text. However, your pins must be found one way or the other. Using a Pinterest bot can improve your visibility not only by making your accounts post, comment, or follow more things and engage more with your audience, but by making your content more accessible and easier to find too. Check for more detailed explanation.

A few drawbacks

Automation tools are helpful and save lots of time and energy while at the same time boosting the visibility of your content and the efficiency of your business strategy. Unfortunately, they have their limits.

Pinterest is very watchful in terms of looking for unacceptable tools and blocking them along with their users. Using bots that give you all the advantages listed above is considered unjustifiable and a threat to regular users that normally want to engage with real people and not with bots.

Automation tools that are not seen as legit by Pinterest are like magnets that attract various restrictions. In other words, by using unapproved software you might end up getting blocked.

For example, excessive social scraping is seen as an unwelcome activity by most sites. The automation of this process only increases its excessiveness because of its enormous speed and too extensive of a presence over the site.

If you are running all these automation processes, it’s easy to track your different tasks as belonging to the same IP address, namely, to yours.

This reason alone is enough to suspend your account until you disable all your enhancement tools. If you stay persistent in using bots, you will eventually get blocked altogether by the site.

There is no need to say how much that would hurt your business. You would have either to give up using bots that considerably improve the management of your accounts and business strategy, or you would have to give up on using Pinterest and lose not only valuable resources but all your followers and work that has been already done.

Additional toolkit to support automation

The solution you need to look for when you want to evade restrictions for using automation tools rests in changing your IP address. Your IP address is what leaves a scent on any action that you do on the internet. You can be identified through it, and if you use automation tools, any actions they do are also linked with the same IP address.

The most reliable way to change an IP address is to use an intermediary server that hides it and provides you with another IP address that works instead of your original one.

There are multiple choices for changing an IP address in general. However, we are talking about bots and finding ways to set them free from restrictions and avoiding blocks for not complying with rules that disapprove of using them.

For this reason, changing an IP address once is not enough. If you would do that by using, say, a VPN or a different device with a different IP address, it wouldn’t solve the problem. Your new IP address could also be identified and linked with your bots at any time.

That’s why residential proxies show up as the most distinctive option for this purpose. They have a huge variety of different IP addresses that indicate locations where real physical devices are held.

A tremendous number of different IPs make it easy to rotate different addresses all the time and never run out of them. When your different actions are done with different IP addresses, not to mention, when your bots do different tasks with different IPs, you leave no mark of all those excessive or otherwise suspicious activities being done from the same IP address.

Final thoughts

Using bots for automating your marketing and managing multiple accounts makes Pinterest a useful platform with lots of resources for business purposes. All the restrictions can be bypassed by using proxies that make your bots harder to track and more difficult to block or be linked with you.