Most Common Child Dental Problems and Their Safest Solutions

Our overall health majorly depends on oral hygiene associated with dental health. Compared to adults, kids are more likely to develop dental problems as they pay no heed to oral hygiene. It is all thanks to modern treatments for kids that ensure effective and speedy recovery from dental diseases in the safest way.  Whether it’s a simple toothache or a deep-rooted cavity hole, dentistry has your child covered. Read on to learn more about dental problems found in kids and how you can get rid of them in this article.

1. Cavity Invasion

About three out of five children complain about toothache, usually caused by tooth decay. In this condition, the top layer wears out due to excessive intake of sugary and acidic foods and brushing of teeth improperly. After destroying the top shell, the food particles start to form a hole that often goes down to the root if not addressed in time. Science has various kid-friendly treatments that come in handy to cure different degrees of damage occurring in the tooth cavity. Click here to get more information about the dental cavity and its underlying causes.

Fluoride Treatment

This is a straightforward treatment followed by a painless procedure. The dentist applies a thick fluoride coating on your teeth so that they stay protected from harmful bacteria and the acidity of foods. Your kid may have to retake fluoride treatment after the thinning of the previously applied layer. Once the fluoride layer starts thinning, the symptoms of tooth decay are likely to resurface, so it is recommended to get the treatment done as soon as possible. The procedure takes only a few minutes to complete.


This is a painless treatment introduced to prevent cavity issues in kids. The food particles are likely to get stuck in the ridges of molars, where they cause bacterial growth until removed. The procedure includes layering the crown with plastic to prevent food particles from settling in the ridges of molars and premolars. This treatment works like a barrier that protects the teeth from bacterial attack and cavity. Best of all, the sealant does not feel weird in the mouth. The sealant layer is transparent and requires no more than thirty minutes to apply. If managed properly, it can stay in good condition for years. Once removed, you can ask the dentist to apply the sealant again, meaning there is no harm in taking sealant treatment multiple times.


This treatment comes in handy for teeth with deep-rooted cavities. The cavity is filled with a composite resin material to prevent further damage in this treatment. The filling material is safe for children and lasts a long time. Before starting the procedure, the filling is prepared in the same color as the teeth of the patient. However, dentists also use a silver-colored filling for long-lasting results. The filling of the cavity involves the use of surgical instruments. The patient is either given injections to numb the area or laughing gas as anesthesia. Once the patient gets back to normal, they feel no dental pain. Like sealant and fluoride treatments, the filling may also need to be done again once the material leaves its place.


When the damage is irreparable and no treatment seems to work, the only option is to remove the tooth. Tooth extraction itself is not a treatment but a way to deal with tooth decay. When extracting a tooth, the dentist numbs the affected area. Tooth extraction also becomes inevitable when the damaged tooth is likely to affect neighboring teeth.

2. Malocclusion

Kids look adorable when they grin from ear to ear. But misaligned or crooked teeth do not suit their cute faces, making them lose confidence in their appearances. Worst of all, misaligned teeth make it difficult for kids to practice oral care. Being responsible parents, you should not take malocclusion lightly, no matter if it is genetic or arises due to a pacifier. You should consult an experienced dentist to get your child timely treatment.


Braces include metal archwires attached to misaligned teeth. The treatment comprises several sittings scheduled to tighten the wire brackets to bring crowded teeth in neat positions. Your child may report mild pain and a weird feeling in the mouth after wearing braces, which are pretty normal. One thing to note is that braces require your kids to take extra care of their oral hygiene. These may also affect your kid’s facial appearance. How long the braces will stay depends on various factors, including the number of misaligned teeth and rate of progress of treatment.


The ever-progressing technology offers another solution to align your child’s teeth perfectly. During an Invisalign treatment, your kid will have to put on a transparent tray on their teeth. It is one of the best treatments for kids with misaligned teeth as it is very effective and convenient to manage. Cleaning the Invisalign tray is also very easy. Whether it’s time to brush the teeth or your child wants to eat without invisalign tray, they can remove it anytime.

3. Tooth Discoloration

Because children eat colorful candies and also do not brush their teeth carefully, their teeth start looking pale very quickly. Sometimes, black spots also appear on teeth due to the intake of iron supplements. Hence, the issue of tooth discoloration is very common among children.

Teeth Whitening Treatment

The yellow and black spots get stubborn over time and do not go away with regular brushing. This is where teeth whitening treatment comes into play. The best thing about this treatment is that it is pain-free and also very effective.


Kids incur many dental problems that grow serious with time if neglected. Many safe, low-maintenance, and effective dental treatments are available that make it easy for kids to maintain oral health. Some of those treatments are fluoride treatment, Invisalign, teeth whitening, and sealant. These treatments cure different dental issues while also shielding your teeth against additional damage.