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Need to Take a Hearing Protection While You Ride


You’d rather be on your bike. We get it. Your motorcycle isn’t just a vehicle for your commute: riding is the way of life.  When you strap on your helmet and your leathers, no matter what you do for a living, you’re instantly your other self once your toe pops that kickstand.

We’re pretty sure, though, that when you went for your license, no one talked to you about the importance of including earplugs as part of your bike accessories.  Just as you’d always wear a helmet, the right boots, jacket, and gloves to protect your head and your body, going the extra mile with a custom pair of earplugs protects your hearing.

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Safety First: Hearing Protection While You Ride

You’re on your bike sometimes for hours. Motorcycles can produce sounds of 100 decibels or more  according to The exposure to noise levels over 80 decibels for only a short period can cause irreparable hearing damage. Earplugs protect your hearing while you’re out on the open road and they are an absolute must.

Custom Earp Plugs for Motorcycle Riders

You chose your motorcycle as a reflection of who you are as a person, a ride that matches and enhances your personality. With so many options available to protect your hearing health, it makes sense that you’d choose the earplugs that work best for you: custom earplugs are designed specifically for you, with your tastes and your hearing health at the forefront of design and comfort.

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Music and Motorcycles

When you’re on your motorcycle, you’re a lone wolf with your music and the road. You’re not one of those riders who are interested in adding speakers, bells, and whistles to your motorcycle,  you’re not interested in sharing your tunes. You have options: go wireless with Bluetooth technology; grab your convertible headset and go, or you could choose premium headphones with surround-sound in your helmet.  Experiencing high-quality transducer stereo earplugs elevates your ride from mundane to extraordinary on your terms and with your private playlist.

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Your Hearing is as Cool as the Bike You Choose to Ride

Earplugs aren’t just for Sunday riders. There was a time when helmets weren’t considered cool, either. By educating ourselves and choosing safe riding practices, there’s no question about wearing a helmet these days. To know more on wearing helmet click here. It is simply a must, for various reasons. You want to get to your destination safely. You also want to hear that concert, that conversation, that movie, your kids once you get there. Protecting your hearing is just as important as protecting your other body parts.

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You’re cool. You have the motorcycle to prove it, even though you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. As a motorcyclist, you know how important safety is when you ride: You’ve thought of it all, or so you thought. If you haven’t already, custom earplugs are the next obvious piece of gear to add to your safety kit.

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