Top 10 essential accessories for motorcycle riders

Whether using your motorcycle for short expeditions or long trips, one should always have a number of accessories with them. From making your ride smooth to ensure you stay safe while riding, these accessories should be on top of every rider’s list and can be found in online motorcycle gear shops such as Gearbest, American Legend Rider and more. Below are our top 10 must-have accessories:


Anyone who owns a motorcycle does not need to be reminded of the importance and the benefits they stand from having their helmets on. The only issue most people face is how to select and pick the right helmet. The strength or efficiency of a helmet is not the only thing to be checked for while getting the right one.

The visibility of the helmet is one very vital factor to consider when buying your helmets.  Are other motorists able to identify you from afar even at night? A completely black helmet has great looks, however, its visibility can cause a number of accidents. There are several types of helmets, but a full face helmet is the most recommended one. Open-face helmets might not secure much of your face. 


A rider does not have to own a whole wardrobe of riding jackets. Owning even one quality and a durable jacket is enough to have you protected and get you the comfort you deserve. These jackets offer protection from both injuries as a result of accidents and from the elements. Most of these jackets have padding which protects riders from burns and abrasions associated with the activity. Some jackets come with reflective gear to help the rider be noticed especially at night.


Having motorcycle gloves not only protects your hands during accidents but also helps get a good grip of your bike. Sometimes after riding for quite some time, your hands tend to get numb. Not only is this uncomfortable, but is also dangerous as you need your hands full working in order to ride well.


Used for protection from hazardous road conditions, proper footwear is recommended. Offering ample foot and ankle support, these boots are designed to make the rider feel comfortable even during long-distance rides. You can also click here for more options and information! 

Pants and knee guards

Made specifically to protect the people from abrasion that might occur on the road, motorcycle pants are a necessity for every rider. The best pants are waterproof, breathable, and windproof. Furthermore, they ought to come with protective gear on the points of impact such as knees. These pants are also supposed to have reflective stripes to enable visibility in low light. Knee guards are used as alternatives for those who have not purchased the recommended pants.

Multi toolkit

A motorcycle is just like any other machine on earth and is prone to mechanical failure. Multi toolkits are some of the most overlooked safety components with most people ignoring them since their bikes have not broken down yet. Always have your tools close by. Furthermore, try to familiarize yourself with the different tools that might be required to perform minor repairs.

Communication systems

Trying to make or pick up a call while riding is a hard task. Get yourself some communication tools which enable you to make and receive phone calls while still riding. Some of these devices are quite helpful as they come along with other features such as Bluetooth.

Security features

It is becoming harder and harder to precisely track the exact location of a stolen motorcycle. Bearing this in mind, it is only wise to get your own security features fitted on it. For starters, you can get a helmet lock, disk locks, and most importantly a security alarm. Doing so, your bike will become harder for anyone to try and steal.


Having motorbike covers helps them last longer by maintaining the structure of the bike. It protects it from the elements, prying eyes, and those lazy goons who just wait to sit on any seat seen. You do not necessarily need to own a garage for this as it works just fine.

Crash protection

Motorcycles are very much prone to accidents. It is wiser for you to get crash protection materials such as bar ends, frame sliders, swingarm spools, and fork sliders. These crash protection accessories come in handy as they greatly reduce the impact of the accident.