Logan Lucky Ford – An open minded adventurist

We tend to follow a lot of people on social media these days. Some of them are probably experts in what we already love doing. Such as acting, singing, drawing, weightlifting and even doing professional make-ups. There’s nothing wrong with having idols and someone that will influence you in your work, or whatever it is that you’re doing.

Today, social media is very influential, especially Instagram. Some celebrities have over a few millions of followers and they’re definitely making a big impact with their thoughts, opinions and actions.

In this article, we’re talking about an uprising Instagram star, Logan Lucky Ford. If you’re someone that likes aesthetics, open-mindedness, and adventures, you will totally like his Instagram profile.


Logan is the type of person who loves doing whatever makes him happy without worrying about the opinions of others. Negative comments have zero impact on him and he’s really an inspiration to follow. He goes by the name of @whereislucky on Instagram and his nickname is Lucky. When you first open his social media profile, you will notice the quote at the top which says “I’m just doing me”. If you go through his pictures, you’ll quickly understand that Lucky loves aesthetics, exotic and beautiful places, and he definitely loves his pet, a dog of the Pomeranian race called Baby. If you go through Logan’s stories on his Instagram profile, you will see him at many different cities and places, including New York, Vegas and many more. Lucky already has about twelve thousand followers, but that number is expected to increase by a lot in the future, due to his unique lifestyle and sense of aesthetics that he manages to show on all of his photos.


Lucky has a few tattoos already, but the most remarkable one is his latest, a tattoo of his dog that he decided to put on his shoulder. His dog, Baby, was born in Ohio, on September 13th and is a truly beautiful pet. Baby follows her owner everywhere and their love for each other cannot be measured. That’s why, Lucky decided to permanently imprint the face of his pet on his shoulder, so he got a very good looking tattoo of Baby’s face surrounded by roses. The tattoo was clearly done by a professional and it’s absolutely stunning. It was actually done by a famous artist Khoi Nguyen, an expert tattoo artist that works in a very famous tattoo studio High Voltage Tattoo Shop, owned by Kat Von D. Logan is clearly a person that’s very into aesthetics, so he got a real professional to do this amazing tattoo for him. He loves his pet very much, so the tattoo needed to come out perfect, just like it did. Khoi is a really amazing artist for making this realistic masterpiece.

Lucky’s Instagram profile features pictures of a lot of different places, cities and beautiful landscapes as well. He’s clearly the adventurist type and if you like adventures as well, you will love his profile, so give him a follow.

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