Crossover of Ford Electric Will Be Available in 2020


Ford presented its new vehicle. It is a crossover of previous Ford electric model made to rival Model Y manufactured by Tesla. Tesla presented its new, highly anticipated, Model Y last week, and the result was a model 3-based vehicle that has bigger tires, lesser range, higher roofline, and increased value. All other elements are used from older, model 3. The company itself is admitting that they are using 75% of the same features that were in their first electric car.

From the first look, we can say that the consumers are pretty satisfied with the product before them. So, Ford, as big as it is, and important as it is in the automobile industry, decided that they should provide a vehicle as an answer to the glove that Tesla threw to their competition. They started the marketing campaign as soon as Tesla`s product was presented on fourteenth of March this year, by posting a sentence hold your horses that featured blue color that is associated with Ford Mustang.

Obviously, that meant that they want their competition to know that they are going to have their own electric car in the future. Global Operation`s president Joe Hinrichs stated that Ford will move forward with their electric car in no time, which meant 2020 or sooner. We can be sure that the vehicle will be inspired by Ford`s Mustang. The expected range of the car could be about 300 miles.

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