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How to organize social media contests and giveaways


We all know that everybody loves winning. The lottery and the amount of people who participate in it just prove this theory. It’s just in human nature to want to win something without any effort. Successful companies and brands realized this a long time ago and started utilizing a very interesting strategy that will both make people win stuff while and promote their business at the same time. Today we’re talking about online contests and giveaways, what they are and how you can use them to boost your recognition. Let’s start.

What are social media contests and giveaways?

In order to explain the benefits of using them, you first need to fully understand what they are. Social media contests and giveaways are basically something that you host in order to gain the desired recognition for your business while also making your fans or customers happy by giving them the chance to win something. Here’s why these marketing strategies are so effective and useful. When you host a giveaway, you have about five or six prizes for example, but you have more than a hundred people participating in the giveaway.

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What happens is, some hosts make their participants complete a few steps in order to be eligible for winning a prize. For example, the hosts usually require the participants to like and share their page as well as comment something in the comment section (usually a keyword that the host provides) in order to be in the giveaway. By doing this, a lot of their friends and family will also see what they shared and will most likely want to participate as well. From there, your page just keeps spreading and gaining publicity. When you end up giving away the prizes to your fans and followers, you will notice that the amount of publicity and exposure you gained from your contest is worth so much more than what you “lost” by giving away your products.

We all know how expensive marketing is nowadays and in order to gain the same amount of recognition via advertisements, you would’ve paid so much more. SEO Contest uWelcome2019 is an amazing service that you can use in order to simplify your process. The exposure gained from hosting such events is really huge due indirectly adding search engine optimization to your website. People might find your business or service by just searching for “Giveaways in my area” or “Online contests and giveaways”. It’s just an amazing way to promote.

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A really good example of how effective this strategy can be is Air Asia’s giveaway campaign. They posted a giveaway and the person who wins it can get into a plane with as many friends as they want and get a free trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. About thirteen thousand people entered the giveaway, and the post reached more than two million people on Facebook. This boosted Air Asia’s recognition by more than 35 percent. Such numbers cannot even be achieved via standard advertisements.

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