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Linus Sebastian Net Worth 2021 – How much is this YouTuber worth?

Linus Gabriel Sebastian is a popular YouTuber from Canada and a founder of Linus Media Group. He has more than 8 million subscribers across his channels. Back in 2015, he was 4th on the list of the top 30 people in Tech. This year in March, he was ranked seventh most watch technology related channel on YouTube. His popular channel is also among the best when it comes to Google advertising.

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Early Life, Personal Life and Biography

The YouTuber was born on August 20, 1986 in Ladner, British Columbia. He has three siblings. He went to Garibaldi Secondary School, and graduated from the University of British Columbia. He is really interested in the world of tech, which helped him chase his dreams and become successful.

Linus has a wife, Yvonne Ho, and they got married on May 20, 2011. They have a son and two daughters. Some of his favorite YouTube stars that inspired him were Marques Brownlee, TotalBiscuit, and Austin Evans.

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Before YouTube, he was a category manager at the Canadian online computer store, NCIX. After this, he hosted a tech channel for the company, which served to demonstrate their products. As it was not that successful, he opened Linus Tech tips for NCIX. He also worked as a full time sales representative, as well as a project manager.

Net Worth and Earnings

His current net worth is estimated to be around $2.5 million. He earned so much thanks to his expertise in tech, which made him one of the richest presenters in the field. His Linus Media Group also benefits to his increasing wealth, as does his YouTube channel. He worked hard to achieve his dreams, and we are happy that he is successful. There is no reason to believe his popularity and wealth are going to decrease anytime soon.