A Clear Comparison of LED Vs Neon Signs for Your Business

Since the old times, people were attracted by shiny objects. This is why we have such a romantic connection to gold and diamonds. But, in the last few centuries, different bright things have caught the eye of our attention. People who run businesses know how to attract their customers. The formula is quite simple – pick a big sign and make it shine all the way. Today, most stores have some sort of light sign. This is quite logical considering that we humans have a natural affection for visual appeal.

These days we have an ongoing battle between neon lights and LED lights. Both options are on the market and you probably encountered both. The thing is you might not even know the difference. This is why we are here today. We’re going to talk about a clear comparison of LED vs. neon signs for your business. So, if you’re running any kind of business the chances are you’re going to have to make this choice. At least know the distinction before you do it. Let’s start with LED lights.

A Line or Two About LED Lights

You heard about the LED lights, right? You probably have. But how about the Light Emitting Diode? Not quite, we’re sure. But, that’s the name of the tech behind these shiny lights that are at the forefront of many stores. The steady flow of light with LED lights is created when each bulb that is connected to one LED light starts to sparkle and emit light. They’re not injury-prone as their protection comes from polymer cover. If you’re seeking for advantage between LED and neon lights this is it. On the downside when one of these lights goes down you need to change the entire package ted to the board. With neon lights, you only replace the damaged tube. Also, there’s a small difference in the way both of these lights emit light, as neon ones are a bit glow-like while LED ones are quite solid in this department.

How About a Little Neon?

Here, we are talking about a glass tube, a kind that all of us encountered at least once in our lives. In most cases it is hand-made and it releases light in fluorescent color due to its gas properties. The reason why many business owners choose these particular types of lights and why they’re endorsed by many businesses and the likes of  is their bright and colorful color. Neon lights come with a few flaws despite all of their advantages. The biggest ones are that they’re fragile and that they don’t give results if they’re not installed properly. But, even when one light is damaged, as a safety measure the gas wills stop flowing which will make the sign still stand and operate, and it’s what attracts the owners to this day.

What Are They Made Of?

Both systems have a few similarities but are different in a few key departments. LED lights consist of a circuit board that is printed, a unit board, a module, and a driver chip, all of which are LED. The board in question has many LED dots, all of which are interchanged with plastic. In order to make it word you’ll also find plenty of lines, data, and power cables. If you want to prevent breakdowns of an LED system you’ll connect it to a high-quality power source. In most cases, the finishing touch is a control card used for the control of an LED-powered display.

The other option at your disposal, as we said is neon lights. The key component for them is the tube. It is made by heating and cooling lead glass which is when the shape formed is filled with various types of gas. The joy of these lights is the colors they create, which are not mimicked by anything else. The finishing touch on every tube is the iron electrodes positioned at each end of the tube. In order t work they need to be tied to a transformer via high voltage cables. The transformer is a necessity to release enough quality power inside of the tubes and to make the gas glow. The panel in which you can position all the tubes that will give you the wanted design of the sign can be made out of aluminum, steel, and even wood.

Price And Energy Consumption

The cost can’t be fixed when it comes to these lights. The end price depends on the size of the sign your business requires. But, in general, terms LED lights are a little bit cheaper. What gives them a slight advantage in this department is the fact they don’t require professional installation, they’re easier to keep under maintenance conditions,  and are easier to replace. So, looking at the selection long term, LED lights might seem like a cheaper option. But, they do not offer the same glow. In the design department, they can’t hold the water for the neon lights, and this is not something you should neglect due to some cost-cutting strategy. When it comes to energy consumption, LED lights also hold a slight advantage, but nothing you should be worried about. Also, due to them containing gas, some environmental activists are against them, but they should be focused on some other areas, as cutting back on neon lights won’t save the planet.

Bottom Line

As you can see, both lights have their small flaws and large advantages. In the end, it must be a thing of personal preferences. For a long time, people believed that you have a better chance of attracting new customers with neon lights. There’s something Hollywood-like in them, and this sensation is carved deep into the lowest pits of our hearts and souls. It’s like Deep Purple would say, black night is not right.

I don’t feel so bright, and they must’ve been talking about these lights, as we have no other idea what it might be. Of course, LED lights have their customers and are occupying a big part of the market in this domain. Which one would be your selection? Please share your thoughts with us.

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