Tech Trends that will change the way you Run your Business

People are always keeping their eye on the news to see what is new in the technology industry. Since we’ve had to spend much more time at home over the past two years there has been a much larger focus on the developments in the technology industry. Technology has become a major part of every aspect of our lives, it is in some part incorporated in the way we have fun, sleep, work and even stay healthy. There are so many IT Support Companies who are making access to tech easier than ever. This is why the interest in technological development only continues to grow.

There are so many fields within tech that are growing rapidly like Artificial Intelligence and amazing new developments in everyday activities like online shopping, which makes it a more integrated experience. This is a list of our predictions of ways that technology will change the way we shop and do business in 2024.

1. Increase in the use of AI

Over the past few years, we have seen AI expand into many new industries and the consumer industry has welcomed this integration. There are so many networks that businesses need to keep track of and which has made it more challenging for businesses to keep track of. We’ve seen many it companies (like TechQuarters) makes use of this kind of tech in the work they do. There are endless uses for AI, especially in the business world including, communication, data protection, surveillance and even managing interactions. AI has become one of the best ways to manage all of these complex factors.

2. Ethical use of AI

Ethical use of artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing trends in technology to keep an eye on for 2024. Technology has countless benefits for both business and personal use but there are still challenges when using such new technology. Some of the main risks come down to privacy and data security. When looking at IT Support for Accountants as an example, AI can help if used ethically. It is important that the technology industry continues to develop more ethical standards, regulations and policies which will protect both the consumer and business. Both parties will be safer if more ethical practices are followed.

3. The use of Virtual and Artificial reality for shopping online

One of the most exciting trends to look out for is the use of virtual reality and augmented reality in e-commerce. This makes the online shopping experience much more realistic and makes the consumer feel more confident in the items they’re purchasing. We can definitely expect to see this trend grow throughout 2024 and we will see more of this in the mainstream. E-commerce businesses can now allow customers to virtually try-on the products they would like to purchase like clothing, shoes, accessories or even makeup. They will be able to do this using web and mobile apps, making it accessible to many.

4. Tech designed specifically for working remotely

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many businesses to switch to working in a remote or hybrid environment. Employees have felt the benefits of this new work environment and businesses have benefited from it too. Employees could now have a better work-life balance and businesses could save on large expenses like rent and office costs. There have been many new products created specifically for remote working and we can see even more of this in 2024.

5. Smart Clothing

The Internet of Things has continued to grow and we will soon see this in the mainstream, possibly even entering the designer market. There are currently smart clothing options on the market like swimwear that has UV sensors, which is great to prevent overexposure. There are smart shoes that can monitor and allow you to improve your running technique or track the mobility of patients with illnesses that affect their movement. There are talks of introducing haptic feedback into sportswear which can help to improve form during your workouts. Rayban is even introducing new smart sunglasses that have camera and audio capabilities.

6. Improved Battery Life

Many of us are still wishing for tech companies to improve battery life, which we can hope to see in 2024. An improvement in charging and battery quality will allow devices to last longer, which will also allow people to no longer have to worry about being near a charging point at all times. Newer devices will have a longer lifespan and can be produced with components that are recyclable. More energy efficient batteries will also make tech products more sustainable.

7. 5G Usage

We’ve been hearing word about 5G becoming more mainstream and it is estimated to go mainstream in 2024. 5G networks have a higher frequency than 4G and can be up to 100 times faster. 5G does struggle to go through thicker objects like walls but there are so many tech products available that this will be easy to work around. The increased efficiency in transmitting data will have a positive effect on many sectors.

8. Authentication without passwords

We are slowly seeing a decrease in the need for passwords. This opened up the eyes of many businesses, to make use of alternate authentication methods for their business accounts. Most mobile devices have some form of biometric authentication which has already decreased our use of passwords. As more apps make use of this feature, there will be a definite decrease in the risk of phishing attacks, which target passwords.

9. More smart gadgets and smart experiences

We will slowly see more of our everyday gadgets become part of the Internet of Things as smart gadgets. Pillows that can keep track of our brain waves or a bed that can monitor blood pressure and heart rate may be something we see in the future. We already have smart glasses that can record video but we may see glasses that can actually content. We can also expect to see experiences that will be improved by tech like stores where you can just pick up items and leave, knowing that your payment will be made virtually. We have already seen a few of these stores. We can expect to see even more of these things pop up in 2024 and there are many more possibilities out there. These will become more common and we will be seeing new smart gadgets throughout the year.

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