How do you attract customers? Digital Marketing tips to increase your traffic

This is one of the questions raised by every entrepreneur when developing their marketing strategies and plans. The truth is, businesses cannot grow if they don’t have new customers at their base. To meet this need, marketers continue to look for the best digital marketing techniques to attract customers.

There are no cake recipes for you to read and apply in your business. Like all other things in marketing, we must know our audience, test and measure to see if each strategy is truly effective for your type of business.

Where are your customers?

Before we start listing the main techniques, we must take a step back and see if we really know who our customers are and where they are.

In short, you have to make someone! And that, nothing more than creating a fictional character from a consumer survey (preferably made personally) that simulates who is the ideal customer for your business. Getting to know your clients, their language and customs will help you direct your marketing and sales team to achieve the best results.

This may seem like a waste of time, but knowing what your personality is so important in this article is to direct digital marketing techniques to attract more customers who will enter your business.

If you have not fully defined who your business person is without problems, here are the important points to understand in digital marketing

1. SEO: Providing content that is researched by your clients

This is a digital marketing technique to attract customers that must be used in all types of businesses. Your clients continue to search Google for any problems they face, or others function to solve problems. Being first in results helps, and many, in the task of attracting more customers.

In order to be well positioned, you must submit content on your company website or blog (we will talk later) which is directed according to the survey conducted by your client. To find out which keywords are searched for and the monthly volume, there are free tools like Google Trends or Google AdWords Planner.

After choosing the best keywords, you put them in your website or blog in the text, title, meta description, external links, etc.

Remember not to focus solely on words, having a website that is good and affordable for mobile devices that enhances the user experience and is also important for ranking Google for your site.

2. Company Blog

Many companies who want to position themselves digitally already have a company blog as a digital marketing technique to attract customers. Completely aligned with the SEO strategy, a blog must produce content in accordance with the journey of consumer purchases and the search it does on Google.

There are several types of content that can be created to attract more customers to your company. According to, the animated explainer video can increase your sales in a short time.

3. E-book

Another digital marketing technique to attract more customers is to make e-books a deep and valuable material so that your audience can download directly from your site. E-books are content that is more complete than blog posts, usually focusing on one subject that your person is looking for. Remember to always provide it for free with a landing page that is optimized to receive user contacts or have him enter your incoming marketing channel.


4. Podcast

One technique to attract customers in digital marketing that is being used in many companies is Podcast. Podcasts begin as a list of songs someone shares for their viewers. Today is more used for people to express their opinions, talk about certain topics and also conduct interviews.

There are still some other important tips, but you can start your success with the 4 tips above.

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