Learning about – Imre Nagy!

Ime Nagy is someone that is remembered as an important character in Hungary. He was actually a communist leader during the years of one-party domination, but he was also the voice of liberalism and reform, advocation national communism.

It is interesting that he was a part of the Russian Revolution because he was captured during the First World War and spent the most of the war in Russia. Then, Imre Nagy became a part of the Red Army and was fighting with the Bolsheviks. After the revolution concluded, he returned to Hungary.

This means that he had already experienced the revolution when the one in his home country began back in 1956. Nagy was somebody who the people wanted to see in charge and he did take control in late 1956. The one mistake that he made was that he announced his intentions publicly, which caused Khrushchev to send the tanks back in Hungary.

The West was never going to defend this country and risk another war because of it. Imre Nagy knew that he was in danger and that people were looking for him. Soviet agents actually kidnapped him and he had a secret trial two years after he got caught. They hanged him in 1958.

In 1989, 31 years after Imre Nagy was killed, he and his colleagues were rehabilitated, reinterred and afforded an actual funeral, since their bodies were dropped in the dirt and nobody marked their graves. The whole country observed a minute of silence in their honor and six coffins were placed on the steps of the Exhibition Hall in Budapest’s well known Heroes Square. There was a coffin that was empty. That one was for all the revolutionaries that had died during the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. A praiseworthy move.


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