US Could Sanction European Allies Over Iran Deal According To John Bolton


President Donald Trump announced on Tuesday that the US would leave the Iran Deal and that they could impose sanctions on the Middle East country in case they don’t come to a new agreement. On the other hand, other signatories of the deal continued their support to Iran and their efforts to honor the terms. Now it seems that Trump might take this to a whole new level and sanction its European allies in case they decide to continue trading with Iran.

In an interview, Bolton was asked about policy towards Europe as France, U.K., and Germany decided to stay in the deal, and if it is possible to somehow punish those countries. As a part of the answer, National Security Adviser told that POTUS clearly said that “countries that continue to deal with Iran could face U.S. sanctions.” He continued by adding “Europeans are going to face the effective U.S. sanctions, already are really, because much of what they would like to sell to Iran involves U.S. technology, for which the licenses will not be available.”

It was noted by Bolton that Iran has increased their military activity all over the Middle East and that they have the protection of nuclear deal that allows them to avoid any sanctions for such behavior. He continued by giving examples of Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen, all where Iran regular army or terrorists supported by their government have been involved.

National Security Adviser was asked to give details on which parts of the agreement did Hassan Rouhani and his office violate as both inspectors and European allies are suggesting that there were no violations. Here is what Bolton responded: “Well, the inspectors don’t know everything. You can’t say honestly that Iran didn’t violate the deal because we don’t have adequate inspections.” It was also added that the biggest problem with this agreement that was signed by Barack Obama was that “we have never had an adequate declaration from Iran of their prior military activities in connection with the nuclear program … That just violates every precept of sound arms control negotiation.”

Another problem here is that the US and inspectors didn’t have adequate access to various military facilities that could also house further nuclear program development. The main goal of Trump is to get a new deal with Iran, and the US might even consider imposing sanctions on European allies that would continue to work with the Middle East country.


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