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Howard Stern Net Worth 2021 – Bio, Private Life, Career

Howard Stern is a producer, actor, and TV personality who was awarded his first acknowledgment when he was working for “Benton & Bowles”. Today, he is one of the most popular radio personalities that has ever been in the business. He is doing this job for more than 30 years. He hosted a nationally syndicated program on radio. This was the project that was the most long-lasting, because it lasted for 19 years, from 1986 to 2005. Since 2006, he works on “The Howard Stern Show” on a radio called Sirius XM Radio, which lasts to this day.

Naturally, as a person who has been in the industry for so long, it is logical to presume that he earned a significant amount of money. However, he worked in other industries as well. As we said, he is also known as an actor and a producer. It is natural that he accumulated a good amount of money from working on many different projects. Also, there are some things from his biography that are not so known to a huge percentage of the public. So, we are going to talk about his private life, professional career, and of course, about his net worth as of 2021.

Private Life

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He is born as Howard Allan Stern on the twelfth of January 1954 in Big Apple. He was born as the second child of Ben and Ray Schiffman. His father Ben, was a sound engineer. Both of his parents are of Jewish background. His maternal and paternal families are from Poland and Hungary. At some point in his childhood, his family moved to Roosevelt where Howard attended Washington Rose Elementary School.

Since he was a young boy, he had the wish of hosting radio shows. He started working on making himself a name in the industry while he was in college. By the looks of it, his early urge for being a radio host was inherited from his father who was a co-owner of the studio that was visited frequently by Howard and his sister. During his college days, he was working at the radio station that was part of the university.


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His first job as a radio host was in 1979 when he started working for “Radio and Records”. He was a radio host at the morning show. This was his first commercial FM radio station. After graduation, Howard Stern made several stops before he reached Washington D.C. This was the point where significant improvement for his career started, He accepted the role he was offered at WNBC-AM in 1982.

There he meets an ex-nurse that worked for US Air Force that later became a part of his team. However, his stay at the capital wasn’t long, because he moved back to New York in 1985. He signed a contract for K-Rock which launched his career to a whole new level. About a year after he started working on his own show that was called “The Howard Stern Show”. This show can be considered as a landmark in his career.

He even said so in his autobiography called “Private Parts”. This book was sold in half a million copies in the first month after his released. Besides being a radio host, he worked as an actor and starred in several movies. Most notable movies he worked on are “Ryder, P.I.” and “Private Parts” a movie that has been based on his autobiographical book.

He even released some music albums. One of his notable appearances was in 2011 where he replaced Piers Morgan who was a judge in one of the most popular TV shows in the whole of the US “America’s Got Talent”. It is important to point out that he collaborated with celebrities like Michael Cera, Paul Giamatti, and Simon Cowell.

Net Worth

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Howard Stern’s net worth as of 2021 is $650 million. His large wealth was accumulated by him working in several industries. Naturally, the largest chunk of his wealth was accumulated from his work as a radio host. But, as we stated in this article of ours, he worked in several other industries. According to lists that Forbes releases annually he appears frequently. Once he was named as the world’s highest-paid media personality.