Key Benefits Of Using an Offshore Dedicated Server


Are you thinking about upgrading hosting for your website? If the answer is yes, you’re probably wondering about the benefits of using an offshore dedicated server as opposed to a free one.

An offshore dedicated server is a server that is physically located outside of your home country. This has several advantages over a free one, which we’ll explore in this article.

The use of this server is usually recommended for websites, especially those with high traffic because this type of hardware easily copes with such a problem.

It’s almost certain that you won’t regret choosing this option, primarily because of the security and speed it offers, but more on that below.

Increased Security

As we said before, with an offshore server security is guaranteed. But, you must be wondering what exactly is it that it protects?

In addition to the website itself, it will protect all your data and operations. These servers are usually located in countries where the law on the security of your data is strict and any violation of it is punishable, so because of this fact you will be even more confident with the safety.

A dedicated offshore service provides better conditions in terms of security than shared or free hosting. This alone makes offshore solutions a much better option for websites performing the transactions. So, your security is in good hands and what’s more important, you will never share your space with any other software which reduces any possibility of a security breach.

Enhanced Privacy

The good side of this solution is that it will never lead to a PR crisis. With such a well-secured server, you won’t have to worry about any of your data being leaked. All your information, including secrets, will be well protected. If you are still on the fence about it, it is possible to install apps outside of the hosting service that meet your needs forprotection and security, although there is no need for it.

Lower Costs

If you are concerned about the price – don’t be – we have good news for you. You can often find these servers at a lower price due to lower overhead costs in a foreign country. That’s why you don’t have to worry about the lack of money or time if you need to upgrade.

Of course, the price may differ from country to country, but we assure you that it is a worthy investment (and not a sizeable one) considering all the possibilities offered by this server.

Greater Flexibility

As we have already mentioned that using this server requires significantly less money than you’d expect, but if you would like to save more, there is a possibility for that too. How? Because you have the power to choose where your offshore solution is going to be located.

Choosing a country where tax laws are well regulated (and low) gives you the opportunity to save extra on tax. What we will agree on is that tax is a word that is a nightmare for every person, but with this server, it doesn’t have to be.

In other words,any locationin the world is in the palm of your hand, and it’s up to you to choose the best one.

Improved Performance

Switching to an offshore hosting solution offers you more space to manage your data and traffic. At all times, paid hosting offers you the benefits of the latest technologies available in that country, allowing you to always keep up with your competition. Now, we won’t bore you with technicalities, but if you want to learn more about them – be our guest.

Enhanced Customer Support

Stop worrying about customer support. Just stop. How, you might ask?

With a dedicated offshore server, customer support is available 24/7 and more importantly – skilled and trained.

These employees are well informed on just about anything that could help you, whether the problem is technical or regulatory. You can get their help by email, call or message, as well as by submitting a request for help.

In summation,the customer service is always working hard to always be readily available and efficient whenever you need it.

Increased Reliability

How reliable these servers are is told by the very fact that weather or natural disasters can hardly affect the day-to-day operations. In addition, you won’t have to worry about the performance of your site anymore because there is no possibility that your site could slow down just because it’s pouring rain or there’s a DDoS attack happening. In other words – it’ll work no matter what.

Increased Scalability

With this solution you can always scale up your operations if you need to and save money by adding more racks if your company grows. Trust that all your requests can be easily and quickly realized when the time comes.

Whether you want to add more space or processing power – it’s possible. The experts on-site will hook you up in no time, and you’ll enjoy your new business.

Of course, it is important to note that the speed of this entire process depends on the volume of updates you are looking for, but one thing we assure you is that you will never have to wait several months for those server changes. It’ll take hours, maybe days, but that’s about it.

Back Up Solution

A dedicated server is by far the safest solution when it comes to backing up your data. With a server like this, you will have additional space where you can safely back up all your data. Therefore, you will easily protect all of it in the event of a disaster, DDoS attack, phishing or others. Just remember to follow the 3-2-1 rule. Three copies, two mediums, and one off-site location.


If you are ready to invest in your website, we recommend that you first ensure uninterrupted visits to your website, which will ensure every potential client.

Of course, if you don’t do e-commerce or simply don’t belong to high-traffic sites, you won’t necessarily need this server, but it’s always a smart investment, both for the security it offers you and for the efficiency when editing your site.

What you will surely feel very quickly in a short period of time is the increase in profits due to using this server.