5 Ways for Keeping a Clean and Organized Office – 2021 Guide 

Spending hours in the office translates into a mess if you don’t have a clear plan for keeping it clean. Considering that we often spend most of our days working, it is necessary to find the right way to keep it neat and tidy. The way our space looks significantly impacts our productivity, so it is necessary to do something about it and move freely around the office. Bumping into something every time you want to find a document can truly add up to the overall frustration, so keep reading to find out more about the ways you can make some order in your office.
  1. Empty the trash on a regular basis

Considering that spending long hours in the office also means eating and drinking, you must keep in mind that the trash can should be emptied regularly. Not only it is unprofessional to have a full trash can full of things, but it will also be very distracting. Put the trash can somewhere where you can see it constantly because this way you will remember to put the trash out. It is a small effort that will contribute largely to the neatness of your office. Also, it is important to recycle the papers that you don’t need immediately after you realize that it became redundant. This way, you will declutter as you go, which will significantly improve your overall organization.

  1. Throw out all the unnecessary things

Think about what you truly need and what is only making you nervous. Keeping some documents that have completely lost their value will just make a clutter, so make sure you double-check everything and simply throw out everything that you don’t need anymore. The supplies or paperwork that you don’t need anymore are probably just taking up your space but for no real reason. Inspect everything and throw out what you don’t need.

This way, you will get lots of space that will open up and use it for something else. Besides, you should think about rearranging the furniture so space can be used easily. Think about the way it can be rearranged so it can be utilized to the fullest. Some people simply like to collect everything which can be a problem after a while. It is better to set some order and get rid of all the unnecessary things.

  1. Make a plan

If you are working with a few other colleagues in the office, it may be a good idea to make a plan for cleaning and the basic maintenance that everyone should participate in. Set the days when the cleaning should be done. If you do everything as a team, cleaning will be done in half an hour, but your office will be sparkling. The tasks don’t have to be big, it is sufficient that everyone contributes. Don’t forget that mopping and vacuuming are two essential tasks that should be done on a regular basis if you want to keep your office clean.

  1. Hire a cleaning crew


If you simply don’t have the time to clean the office or the company is too big for everyone to get organized for cleaning, you can simply hire a cleaning crew that will be in charge of the regular maintenance of your office. Make a schedule that they will be obliged to come and clean all the surfaces, the windows, and take out the trash. The toilets are usually the places that get dirty fast, so this is the vulnerable area that must be cleaned regularly, often a few times a day.

If you are interested to find out what a cleaning crew can do for you, check out This way you will be sure that the work will be done, while all the offices are clean. Maintaining the hygiene of your working space is absolutely necessary because of the overall health of the workers, but also because clients would certainly not come back to the offices where there is an uncomfortable smell of dirt. One sign of professionalism is certainly keeping the working space impeccable.

  1. Make a rule about eating

If the employees are eating constantly while working at their desks, then the mess will be extremely hard to control. If you think that it is completely ruining the overall image of your company, you should make it a rule that eating at the working desk is forbidden. Every employee can find 30 minutes in their day to go out and eat. Otherwise, there may be something wrong with the way you are organizing your work. Think about why everyone is in a hurry to do everything.

Perhaps the solution is to hire a few more people so that the work can be evenly distributed. Suggest eating in the kitchen or set clear time for breaks, so everyone can eat out and don’t make a mess in the offices. This will significantly contribute to the overall cleanliness of the offices. Besides, breaks improve the concentration and can impact the effectiveness of the employees, so it is something that you should definitely have in mind.

Whichever method you choose, it is necessary to be methodical and make maintenance a routine. If every employee would make it a habit to clean on a regular basis and remove clutter from their desk, then there would be no need for major cleaning all the time. Declutter as you go, remove excess things, clean the places you notice are dirty, throw away everything that is simply unnecessary, and set some rules.

Also, it is necessary to focus on organizing your desk and keeping everything clean and balanced, so you can be fully productive without any distractions. Check your drawers and sort everything out so you can access all the important things in a matter of minutes. Even small things can mean a lot combined. When you need a 5-minute break, use it to remove the things that you don’t need anymore and you will feel much better!