Kate Middleton Reveals that She Liked to Her Children Regarding Their School

Kate Middleton and Prince William might from the royal family but they also love their family life and being parents. The two of them have three children: Prince Louis, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. That is not a small number, but the two royals have been doing a great job and trying to homeschool the kids throughout this whole ordeal. With all that said, Kate just revealed that she didn’t tell the truth to their kids about why they are being homeschooled.

The couple is trying to provide their kids a normal life

You can’t say that this royal couple isn’t one of the most famous people in the whole world. But keep in mind that their children are all very young and they are trying very hard to even out their royal duties and their jobs as parents. Last year William said that he was going to concentrate on being a father and that at that time he still hadn’t told George that he was third in line to be the next king.

Right now we don’t know if George knows what it means to be of royalty, but it doesn’t matter in the end, since William and Kate are trying to raise their kids in as a normal way as possible. A good example of that is that they themselves drive the kids to school, since that’s what other parents do.

Kate Middleton has been having her kids homeschooled because of the pandemic

For the last month, all over the world kids have been unable to go to school for obvious reasons. Their mother has been doing all she can to balance dealing with her royal duties and handling all of her kids being home all the time. It’s a possibility that William and she are doing the homeschooling in tandem, but admittedly William has a lot more royal duties, so he might be doing a bit less at home.

She revealed that she did not let her kids know about Easter break

Kate Middleton and William during a BBC interview talked about a lot of different things, like mental health organizations and how the pandemic has affected their homelife and what they have been doing to stay normal during all of this. William emphasized that was a bit worried about his grandparents and father, since Prince Charles caught the virus, but had recovered at that point.

After that Kate talked about how she’s been working with the kids and was basically their teacher now, but pointed out that she didn’t tell them the whole truth. “We don’t actually tell the children we’ve actually kept going through the holidays. I feel very mean,” Kate said to BBC. “There’s a pretty strict routine here at home,” she also said, which tells us why she went for not telling her kids that they were actually off from school during Easter. If they suddenly changed their schedule it might have been hard to get back at it.

Prince Louis just turned two

Having three kids at home can be a real handful. Prince Louis, who is their youngest child, just had his second birthday, on April 23. The family let the world know of his birthday by posting a picture of him playing with some paint. Recently there have been some rumors that the famous couple might want to get a 4th kid, but with recent events in the world and the royal family they might want to wait a bit.