The Real Reason Prince William and Kate Middleton Broke Up

Prince William and Kate Middleton took a break from their relation. Even though their married life looks perfect… Their relationship wasn’t always as smooth as now… Prince William almost broke up with Kate… But what really happened? Kate and William were sweethearts from their university days.

In 2007, they had already made their relationship public.

Kate had planned to spend the Christmas with William. But William rejected it.

All because Prince Charles, his father, had forbidden it. The Queen told William to slow down their relationship. William was advised to take one step at a time.

This made Kate furious. She felt like the love of her love was giving up on her. She tried to understand the situation but also felt insecure, on the other hand.

She gave Prince William an ultimatum. Kate told him to propose to her or break up. William wasn’t ready for that big of a commitment at that time.

“ We were both very young… we were both finding ourselves “. William didn’t propose Kate. Kate became a matter of joke for his friends.

Also, because Kate’s mom was a flight attendant, and William was a royal. They broke up in March 2007. But it wasn’t for long.

As time passed by… William realized how much he loved Kate. On the other hand, Kate also realized that she was harsh towards William.

The couple got back together at the end of the year. Since then, they haven’t looked back. They have supported each other through all the ups and downs.

Upon asked on the breakup, William said: “It was very much trying to find our own way, and we were growing up. So it was just a bit of space, and it worked out for the better “.

William waited for three more years to propose to Kate. The couple married in 2011 and has been inseparable since then. They have three wonderful children. Their love story is proof that love doesn’t care whether you are from a royal family or an ordinary one. Love just happens.

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