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Jennifer Westhoven – The life of money on NHL


Jennifer Westhoven is one of the best known female TV reporters that has specialized herself in the areas regarding economy and money on NHL. Her dedication and contribution to this area have not passed unnoticed.

Personal life

Jennifer Westhoven was both on the 16th August in 1971 in Cranford, in NJ, the USA. It should also be pointed out that she was raised in New Jersey and that she spent her childhood there. We should point out that that the details about her primary and secondary education are not known. On the other hand, since she grew up in Cranford it would be logical to think that she finished both her primary and secondary schools there. On the other hand, we know that she enrolled at Bryn Mawr College and that she also graduated from it by acquiring the degree in history and political science. She has married in 2007 to Joe Palese, and they have been happily married ever since. The couple originally got engaged in 2006, and it should be mentioned that her husband is both a musician and a yoga instructor.

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Her mother

It should be mentioned that it is not an accident that she decided to be a journalist. More precisely, Jennifer has always been talking about the influence her mother had on her from the earliest age. Jennifer always pointed out that t was he mother who was her inspiration and incentive to start a career in journalism.


It should be also mentioned that from the beginning of her studies and even from her earlier age, Jennifer was interested in the matters that were connected to economy fields, more precisely to finance and business affairs and news. She tried to get into these fields as a reporter and she finally succeeded in this in 1993. In this year she accomplished to start working as a reporter who was reporting on the stock market and the news related to it. One of the things that made her career significant and stand out from the crowd of other similar reporters was her employment in Reuters, which is a world-known media house and agency with journalists and reporters all over the globe covering all important aspects of politics and economy. She was engaged in Reuters all until 2000. During this time, she was also in charge of the stories and news that were related to the stock market and this was all during the time when the technologies were booming. It should be also noted that she used this in her advantage to get some very important people interviewed. Some of these are Abby Joseph Cohen, Dennis Kozlowski, Richard Grasso, and those are just to name a few.

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Her work in Reuters and in stock market news and reporting was not unnoticed. CNN noticed her potential and wanted to have her in their ranks. This finally happened in 2000. Her debut was the same year and she reported on financial news. Her area of interest and reporting included _NYSE) New York Stock Exchange. She covered all aspects of it. She was also prominent during the crash of the exchange in 2008 and the consequences of it. During this time, she used to prepare reports, news and to interview very important people in finance and stock exchange fields to find the roots and causes of the crisis and potential solutions for it.

One of the biggest areas of interest happened in 2001. Namely, the terrorist attack on the New York Trading Center took place on the 11th of September in 2001 and this attack changed the world in all aspects. She was the one who was interested in the changes that had an impact on finances and stock exchanges, and she covered this in her reports and interviews.


This year maybe saw the peak of her career since she became the integral member of CNN’s Headline News (HLN) morning show. Since 2006 she has been co-hosting Morning Express along with Robin Meade. Apart from this segment, she is also engaged in other shows, such as Mid-Morning Block. These are not the only ones. She is also active on Saturday and Sunday afternoons when she is engaged in Your Money which is broadcast during the weekend. She never rests and she is always working on something. This is supported by the fact that she is also having regular appearances on Clark Howard Show.

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Her area of expertise and her coverage is mainly related to the economy, and she is most interested in the news related to money, economy, and business. It should also be noted that she was the one who covered the Enron scandal. Apart from this, she is very much interested in the economy of China and its growth and rise. We should also note that her contribution to the reporting on the corporate USA is also tremendous. She changed several offices while working for NCC, but she is currently engaged in the office that is located in Atlanta, GA.


She is recognized as an excellent reporter in the fields she covers. Her contribution to some of the most important crises and events in terms of finance are well-known and appreciated. She also wrote several very influential articles regarding finances and crises. The quality of her reporting and writing is proven by the fact that her articles have been published in some of the most popular media in the world, to name a few: the New York Time, the London Financial Times, the Washington Post, etc.

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Net worth

Since she has been working for almost twenty years and taking into account the fact that she is also very good and respected in what she does, it is not a surprise that she has earned a lot during her career. Her current net worth is estimated to be at about 2.5 million USD at this time. Since she can be considered as one of the faces of the financial news, she has earned herself a pretty good annual salary, i.e. 200K USD.