James Dobson Net Worth 2021 – Career and Achievement

James Dobson is a popular author and the creator of the ‘Focus on The Family’, who has worked as a psychologist. He was at the head of this organization until 2003. Dobson is the most powerful influencer if we are talking about conservative social positions. The people see him as the most important evangelical leader. In the text below you can read about his career, achievement and net worth in 2021.

James Dobson Early Life

He was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana in 1936 on April 21st. Myrtle Georgia and James Dobson, his parents lead into the world of religion and gospel. His father was the preacher of the gospel and young James always was by his side at the lectures. Later at his life, Dobson said that he gave his life to Jesus at the age of only three.
At the college, he studied psychology, and at that moment course of psychology did not be popular in the US. After in the Pasadena College, he becomes the captain of the Tennis team and in the year of 1967, he got the doctorate in psychology from the University of Southern California. He held lectures for ten years and then he publishes his first book and become famous.


In 1960 he got married to the Shirley Deere, and they have two children, Danae and Ryan. His son Ryan is a public speaker like his dad and had a Biola diploma. Also, his son has a major impact when it comes to the matters of the youth.

James Dobson Career, Awards & Achievement

His career as a psychologist was brilliant and diverse. First, he was a professor at the University of Southern California School of medicine for 14 years. For another seventeen years, he worked for Children’s Hospital and for the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles. He dedicates his life for a higher cause as a gospel minister and tried very hard to help many families to stay together.

Awards and Achievements

Dobson has been achieving massive success in his career as a gospel minister. While he was playing tennis in school, he got a rate of being among the most valuable player. He got to be awarded ‘Layman of the Year’ by the National Associations of Evangelicals. Childhelp USA did award him ‘The Children’s Award’. He has also received the Humanitarian Award by the California Psychological Association. He got awarded an honorary doctorate from the Indiana Wesleyan University.


The Net worth of James Dobson

The net worth of James Dobson is estimated at $4.5 million. He gathers these million in different sources over the years of working as a psychologist and a lecturer at the university. His publications reach a high rate and he made good sales for those books.


Even he is not ordained gospel minister he has a huge army of fans and audience, who likes to listen to him. People love him because he is the critic of all the social and political evils in the world.