IISuperwomanII – A Spirit Animal To Millions Of People

We are living in the times where it is getting more obvious that we are all interconnected, and that the act of one might influence many those that are around. And that is good – people start to get more mindful about the way they see things and behave. On the other hand, the internet and social media have had a huge impact on our society, and are a part of daily routine for billions of people around the globe. While internet use has its cons, with an adequate approach it can provide you many benefits. One of the best things about it is that now you can earn a good income without leaving the comfort of your home. Becoming a social media influencer and marketing affiliate is pretty popular nowadays, and more people are deciding for such a path. And YouTube has become a major source of entertainment, with relevant stars posting daily content and providing fun and relaxation for millions out there.

One of the most popular YouTube stars is Lilly Singh more popular as the IISuperwomanII. She has been active for almost a decade now (since 2010) and has over 14.5 M subscribers. That is an impressive number, but it is not something that happened overnight. Since her beginnings, Lilly always tried to stay true to her fans and audience, and that is what makes her so unique. Now, millions of women and men happily await her daily uploads, as she has indeed become a person people look up to. But how did it all come to be?

The Beginnings Of IISuperwomanII

Lilly Singh didn’t consider her self a Superwoman to begin with, and her life is a good lesson to us all. She was born in Ontario, Canada to Hindu parents from Punjab, and she graduated Lester B. Pearson Collegiate Institute in Toronto in 2006. After that, she decided to enroll for a bachelor degree in Arts and Psychology at the York University and she graduated in 2010. And that is where things became to change. Although she was a great psychologist for all people around her, she experienced certain troubles herself and started developing anxiety and depression as soon as she came back from her heritage trip to India. That is when she decided to connect with her own community in order to share her feelings and started making YouTube videos. She started off with Lilly Vlogs where she was talking about how she felt and what she was doing on daily basis – very soon after, thousands of people that were having similar problems started following her, and in a matter of just a few years hundred thousand have subscribed from all over the world.

Her Music Career

Lilly Singh was interested in becoming a music artist from her young age, and her YouTube career allowed IISuperwomanII to become one – and as she always suggests Everything is possible if you believe in it (as Superman does). Her first world tour started in 2015 with the theme being A Trip to Unicorn Island (she made the identically named movie as well). Her performances included dancing, singing, acting and giving speeches. Throughout her music videos and other videos that she had a role in she never forgets to put at least a few details of the Hindu and Punjabi culture – which goes on to show that she never forgets her beginnings and where she comes from.

UNICEF Ambassador

Lilly Singh has always seen herself as a philanthropist and in 2017 she became a UNICEF Ambassador of Goodwill. She started giving speeches throughout elementary schools and conferences on children’s rights and equality, and in 2018 she became a part of the campaign against school bullying. Along with that, IISuperwomanII uses any opportunity to spread a positive message about equality throughout her blogs and YouTube videos as well.


IISuperwomanII is a phenomenal example of how one decision can change our and the life of many others. If she never decided to start her YouTube channel and share her feelings who knows how many people would be at loss. Now, she is an accomplished woman that has a community of over 14.5 million people that support her, and that she gives motivation to on a daily basis!

Peter is a freelance writer with more than eight years of experience covering topics in politics. He was one of the guys that were here when the started.