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Brooklyn And Bailey – The Dream Twin Duo

The Internet has had a huge impact on our society, and the past few decades were certainly marked with the use of it. And you can be sure that this is just the beginning – the social media networks are a part of a daily routine for a few billion out there, and the best way to advertise products as well. Given this fact, thousands of people are quitting their 9 to 5 jobs and trying their best to be successful in this industry. What industry are we talking about? The one where you can earn a good income without leaving the comfort of your home. This, of course, doesn’t mean that it will come for free; on the contrary – it still requires a lot of time and effort, but the internet allows you to do what you love and when you love. And YouTube is the best example of it.

With YouTube becoming a major source of entertainment and one of the biggest social networks out there, people all over the world started creating their unique content and we now have hundreds of stars that are above 1 million subscribers. One of the best examples on how you can be young and successful is the dream twin duo of Brooklyn and Bailey. They are yet to turn 20 and already have a list of achievements in this industry. And you know why? Because they were creative and bold enough to give it a shot and show the world what they have got.

How Did The Brooklyn And Bailey Twin Duo Come To Be

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Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight were born in Allen, Texas on December 31, 1999, and that marked the beginning of now-famous dream twin duo. They made their first appearance exactly ten years ago in 2009 when their mother has featured them as a model for her DIY hair tutorials. And since then it was pretty clear that these identical looking twins will make an impact on the YouTube community. They have started their own channel in 2013, at the age of 14, with the main interest being discussing fashion, teen things and doing fun challenges. And of course, their channel sparked major interest very soon after, and in a matter of just a few months, they have reached the 100k subscribers. Charismatic and beautiful, the Brooklyn and Bailey duo was set to become one of the most popular YouTube channels out there. In 2015 their first accomplishment was finally officialized with the Business Insider listing them as one of the YouTube channels to look after – and here we are 4 years after with their community being at more than 5.5 million subscribers. Incredible for a 19-year-old twin duo, isn’t it?

Maximizing Their Potential

Their initial success was sparked by excellent fashion product reviews and DIY tutorials. Very soon after, they started a separate vlogging channel which was a major success as well. As years went by and their popularity grew they decided it is time to max on their potential and have joined the music industry in 2017. They released their first two hits Dance Like Me and Simple Things in the same year, and both did extraordinary on the iTunes USA Pop chart. Music creating was something they were interested in from the young age, and their YouTube popularity allowed them to do so. In 2018 they were finalists in the 10th Annual Shorty Awards competition. Along with that, Forbes listed them as the Top Kids influence stars. Talk about the accomplishment at such a young age!

And though their popularity is constantly growing, Brooklyn and Bailey don’t seem to change and they are staying consistent and true to their community. In 2017 they have launched their clothing merch line and allowed their fans to contribute and pay respect to their brand.


Brooklyn and Bailey, a dream twin duo that goes on to show that the age doesn’t matter. As long as you have the idea, and you are ready to put in the effort, there is no reason you shouldn’t go for it!

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