How to strengthen your back – Best movements to perform

Strengthening your back is very important, especially if you are trying to become a successful athlete. Even for regular people that have no fitness goals in mind, having a strong core and a solid back is very important for overall health and physical readiness. This article is entirely dedicated to that subject, so if you are currently trying to find a solution for a weak-back, feel free to read until the end and you’ll learn some more. Let’s take a look.

Are you suffering from back pain?

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Before we start talking about exercises, you need to take a close look at your current condition. If you are experiencing back pain without doing anything that’s heavy on your back, then you probably live a pretty unhealthy lifestyle. Sitting in front of a computer is bad for many things including your lower back, so if this is your care, you’ll have to start with some of the most basic exercises that we’ll list below.

  • Planks with no added weight
  • Lower back stretching and sit-ups
  • Back extensions on the ground

When the pain starts to disappear, which should be in a couple of weeks if you perform these regularly, it’s time to move on to strengthening your back so that you never have to experience back pain again.

Romanian Deadlifts

The deadlift is one of the most important exercises, but the traditional deadlift is performed by people who are real fitness enthusiasts and want to pull a lot of weight. This applies to powerlifters and some bodybuilders. If you are not interested in getting huge and strong, you can perform the Romanian deadlift, which is just as effective but it isn’t performed with that much weight. This exercise will single-handedly end your back pain after some time because your lower-back will get much stronger than it already is now.

Machine Rows

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When it comes to simple exercises that don’t require any mastering of a complicated form, machine rows are the absolute best choice. They are done on a machine, as the name suggests, and these machines are easily adjustable. You can change the weight, your sitting position or the angle on which you’re pulling in just a few seconds. Feel free to visit for more information.

Bent-over dumbbell rows

If you really want a strong back and that V-Shape that you can see on the body of every athlete, definitely start doing the bent-over dumbbell rows. They aren’t as complicated to do as most people think, but they give amazing results. Grab a dumbbell that’s not too heavy in each one of your hands, then bend over with your back straightened and simply perform the same movement as if you were rowing on a machine. Once you try it you’ll quickly get the hang of it. As time goes by and you see that your repetitions are going up, it might be time to increase the weight by just a little bit. Be careful though, your lower back needs to get stronger as well if you want to do this exercise with more weight, so don’t rush it.

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