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What Are Spiral Dryer Fabrics? Everything to Know

The papermaking industry uses spiral dryer fabrics specifically for the drying section. Its wide use in paper machine clothing is all down to the fabrics’ features, which are excellent strength, abrasion and distortion resistance, and superb ventilation.

Spiral dryer fabrics are ideal for the drying process of sensitive papers. The unique spiral texture makes it possible for every loop of the fabric to be connected, making each strain identical to the entire body texture. Spiral dryer fabrics are very easy to use, repair, and its functionality reduces downtime as well as, increase longevity all while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

This fabric is made out of high-quality PET yarn that is hydrolysis resistant. The durable properties of the masterbatch additive promote longevity of this fabric. Spiral dryer fabrics are better than normal polyester yarn due to its anti-corrosiveness and anti-degrading properties when exposed to heat steam. This is a huge plus for these fabrics since heat steam is a main component of the papermaking industry. Normal polyester usually becomes brittle, and in need of replacement. One of the most common uses of this fabric is a dryer belt.

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It’s because of its properties that spiral fabrics last up to 4 times compared to polyester. This is down to the fact that this fabric can resist temperatures up to 160 degrees C.

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Spiral dyer mesh also has greater airflow and drying efficiency. This makes its use preferable than woven dryer fabric. If we compare both spiral and women dryer fabrics, we can safely say that spiral fabrics perform much better than women fabrics under the same conditions. When used in a drying cylinder, spiral dryer fabrics lower steam pressure much more than women dryer fabrics. Since the fabric is made out of spiral strains, heat transfer is much better since the area of contact is larger.

The use of spiral dryer fabrics is largely down to the fact that it has better drying efficiency, as well as cost-effectiveness; saving you up to 10% of energy costs.

Spiral dryer fabrics come in all sizes, from small to large. This is all down to the fact that the fabric can be manufactured based on personal preference. Each dryer machine has a cylinder that has its own dimensions. Spiral dyer fabrics can be manufactured to specifically appeal each dryer.

Applications on Spiral Dryer Fabrics

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This fabric can be used in multiple ways for any drying machine. Due to its high moisture and low strength, making it quite sensitive, it can be used for the forward-facing part of the dryer. Spiral fabrics can also be used for the medium ring of the middle dryer, and as a surface material for the dryer cylinders.

We mentioned its use at the beginning of the papermaking industry. Due to its high-temperature resistance, spiral dryer fabrics can be used for bag paper, paper board, and other heavy-duty paper sheets during the drying process. This fabric can withstand temperatures up to 160- degrees C, making it ideal as a surface for any drying solution.

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