How to Spy Android Phone with SpyMyFone?

There are some times when you want to check what your kids are searching and with whom they are texting on their mobile phones. Nothing is important than making sure that your children are safe. There are many different applications and software that will give you the opportunity to keep the location and other activities on their phones.


One of the best out there is SpyMyFone. This is not your average android monitoring application. You can track all of your kids’ activities on their smartphones. It works both on iOS and Android mobile phones. However, from our experience, it works better on android. As we said, you can check anything you want, like calls, texting, social media activity, and google searches.

This application is offering only a few features. But we assure you, they are more than enough. Now, we are going to do a short review of this application for you. Just stay with us for a couple of minutes, and we are certain that we will have some influence on your decision in choosing the best monitoring application for your child`s Android mobile device.

Key Features of SpyMyFone


As we previously noted, we will give you some insight into the key features of this android mobile application.

Contacts and Calls

When it comes to calls and contacts, you can see the name of the contact, the time the call was made, and even the whole list of contacts.


This feature will provide you with all the information about the contacts your kid is texting, the content of these texts. You can even see the messages from messaging applications and social media as well.

Calendar and Search History

You can see everything that your child is searching through the browser. Also, you will have the opportunity of seeing which dates are marked.

Application`s Usage

One of the key features of SpyMyFone, is monitoring the usage of applications on your child`s phone.

Seeing All Pictures, Music, Videos…

SpyMyFone is an application that will display all of the content that your kid has on its phone. That means that you can see all the music, videos, picture, and other multimedia.


Also, you can see the current location of your kid at all time.

Details About Wi-Fi

As soon as your child`s phone is connected to foreign Wi-Fi, you will get a notification. This is one more option of seeing a mobile device`s location.

How to Set Up This App?


This is a very simple application to use. You just need to go to their website and create a profile. Naturally, you will need to fill out some steps that need to be crossed in order for registration to be completed. After that, you will need to install this app on the mobile you want to monitor. However, before you do that, you will need to disable some security options on that device.

Interface and From Where Can You Monitor?

Monitoring can be done from a PC, laptop, Mac, and a mobile phone. Before that, you need to log in into SpyMyFone website. This app has probably the simplest user interface of any similar application you will find on the internet. All the needed information will be displayed before on the main page of the site. If you want more details, you have a sidebar with all information you need access to.



If you are a person that takes its child safety very seriously, you should take a look at this application. The best thing about it is its interface, which is pretty clear and easy to manage. All you need in order for this application to work properly is a mac/pc/mobile phone and access to the internet. Definitely, this is one of the best applications you can find. You just need to give it time at first, but after you get used to it, you will have no problem with SpyMyFone.