How to Entertain Your Dog During Quarantine

Lockdowns are currently in power in most countries, and because of that going out for walks or runs with dogs is limited. And a lot of dog owners are facing problems because their dogs are way too energetic and nervous.

Dogs are used to a specific schedule; they’ve used to going out, and they need to have their walks and runs outside. But the situation with the Coronavirus has made that very difficult and almost impossible. And this is a big problem for people that are living in apartments without back yards.

Many lovely pets are now nervous, and there has to be some way to change that. A dog needs to release his energy to be calmer.

But what should you do now when it’s almost forbidden to go out?

Fortunately, we will share a few pieces of advice that will help you and your furry friend. And the first thing you should know is that your dog doesn’t need to be physically tired to be calm. You can calm your best friend by mentally challenging it. You should do exercises and play games with your dog that will force it to think, and because of that, it will get tired.

The best games are the hiding ones, where you can hide things and get your dog to search for them. In that way the dog is active, the is thinking about how to solve the problem, and when he does that he will be satisfied, happy, but also tired enough to be calm.

Here is a video clip where it’s shown how to make some cool toys for games that you can play with your dog. You don’t need anything fancy, just some imagination.

You should play these games with your dog every day, and he will be an amused and happy dog.

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