Putin is Regularly Tested for Coronavirus


The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is frequently being tested for COVID-19, which we found from the latest interview with his spokesman, Dimitri Peskov.

As he says, Putin is being tested as often as it is necessary, according to the medical team around him. Also, Peskov said that he is not familiar with the procedure, and how he is not dealing with questions linked to the president`s medical care.

The spokesman from Kremlin also added that the president’s decision to attend a meeting with the deputy of Far East, Yury Trutnev, and minister for development of the Far East and the Arctic, Alexander Kozlov, does not represent the violation of the self-isolation regime.

Furthermore, Peskov says that Putin is avoiding public places, and keep away from meeting with a lot of people. Also, he added that Putin is taking all precautions and each person that has a meeting with the president is being previously tested on COVID-19.

Some reporters noted that Putin is still handshaking with many officials on meetings, and Peskov answers them that every person around Putin is being tested on the virus, and how there is nothing to worry about in this case.