How to be innovative in painting your bedroom?

Your bedroom is possibly space where you spend more time; therefore, it should be cozy. The 7 best tips will be shown to you to paint the walls of the bedroom and achieve professional designs. The tones of the bedroom should provide you with charm, tranquility, aesthetic taste and warmth, hence the importance of having a good job done on the walls. The definition of color and designs can be done in a more elaborate way; therefore, the interesting thing is to get ideas to achieve the objective of offering very well defined finishes. Read at to know more about it.

Below are some tips for painting bedroom walls in a professional manner.

Paint with a roller: The use of this material allows a perfect finish. The paint is very well distributed and a smooth surface is generated that favors the aesthetics of the bedroom. For most complicated corners it is better to use a brush; in this way, small gaps and clearings that remain unpainted are avoided. This process is innovative and very easy to perform.

Better shades for the bedroom: If what you want is a comfortable room, which provides tranquility and rest, the color of the walls plays a fundamental role.

The following colors are the ones that best fit the aesthetics of a bedroom:

  • Gray
  • Dark blue
  • Garnet
  • Pistachio green
  • White

If the room is for children, what colors are the most interesting?

  • Sky Blue
  • White
  • Pistachio green

Wall designs: A wall does not have to be a plain color only; In fact, you can apply color and, in turn, a design illustration that decorates and brings an aesthetic taste.

Types of drawings or graphic representations:

  • Flowers
  • Vegetables
  • Animals (children’s rooms)
  • Geometries

On the other hand, you can apply a border that has plant, geometric, linear or schematic representations. In this way, a design that decorates and offers personality to space is applied.

Vinyl Application: Vinyl can bring personality to the site, determine a theme and represent content to the tenant’s taste. Also, it can be removed when deemed appropriate. Depending on the decorative sense that you want to contribute in the place, the vinyl theme can attract the viewer’s gaze; for that reason, it is important to know that it will be the protagonist and that the theme must be chosen very well. The finish of the vinyl is very professional; however, it must be complemented with color and not cause constant tension. Also, the vinyl is usually dark in color; therefore, the need to paint the wall light in color should be taken into account if the design is to be highlighted.

Bichromia and polychromy for the wall: It is not necessary to apply a single color; it is possible to arrange two colors or several, using schematic or simple abstract designs.

Bichromia: Distinction between two colors. You can make a strip of color that passes through the middle of the wall or divide it into two parts, each of color.

Polychromy: Either through colors distributed in geometric bodies, in horizontal or vertical stripes or simply on the surface in a random way.

Spaces to paint

Not only can you paint your room through professional techniques; other spaces in the house can also be benefited by making your home shine by itself. When choosing, which rooms are suitable for making designs and providing the best paint?

  • Bedrooms
  • Living room
  • Dining room (if any)
  • Hall

Instead, the bathroom and kitchen should be worked under ceramic materials or tiles that best suit the conditions of the place.