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How 5g will benefit our education


There is a common agreement that without the internet, education sector wouldn’t have made it this far. Experts further posit that a larger percentage of progress made in academia is due to increased connectivity enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT). As more devices continued to get connected, so are students whose exposure to tons of learning materials continues to get better. And now, with 5G-war getting watertight, the future of education is in sharper focus than ever before. 

Think about it this way. Which company will be the first to roll out 5G in American or Chinese schools? Most importantly, are there modalities in place to make it effective? The truth is that while there are isolated cases of 5G piloting, experts in the tech-world project that its full-scale effects will only become manifest in the year 2020. That might seem far a call to make, but mark you; the year 2019 is speeding past summer. Don’t forget that if you are a student, this is the right time to use Pimp My Paper before new academic calendar resumes. It will save from headaches and pressure even as you while away time in a summer vacation getaway. 

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5G and how it will benefit education: What you need to know

Now, let’s take a leap further and explore how 5G will impact education. Thus, here are some findings we’ve compiled and believe every student, teacher and any other stakeholder in academic should have at the back of the mind:

Smarter Classrooms

You may have caught a glimpse of a smart classroom a few months ago or even participated as a teacher/student but that is not as far it goes. IT experts project that with 5G lurking in the horizon, smart classrooms will get smarter. With its ubiquity pegged on 2020, it is only under two years before students begin experiencing high-speed internet connectivity in classrooms. 

It means, learning will be seamless than ever before and with browsing speeds 1000% times than 4G, being able to host a guest speaker in a student-packed hall via hologram is an understatement. Virtual real-time tutoring and high-speed download of educational content will be the best part of it. Now, think about being able to download one-hour documentary in Ultra High Definition in fewer seconds, that’s what 5G looks like and everyone in academic is having their fingers crossed.

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Less Time, more productivity

While 4G has been a big trend for more than five years now, the arrival of 5G is set to change many things in classroom settings. For example, teachers will be able to administer assignments and gather student data without setting foot in the classroom. The catch here is that while classrooms are here to stay, being able to log into the student portal and access everything on the go means IoT is set to get a facelift furthering efficiency of IT infrastructure in schools. In a nutshell, 5G will help save time while maximizing productivity in and outside classrooms. 

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Enhanced flexibility in Learning

Another good news preceding the introduction of 5G in school is that it will make it possible for students to learn from anywhere. It is because they will be able to access learning materials and deliver assignments real-time via gadgets such as smartphones and laptops. With Telco giants such as Verizon already rolling out such a program with a good example being the just-concluded 5G Edtech Challenge, you can bet on the fact universities that have AR and VR in place are set to feel its effects sooner than later.

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Final Word

There are many facets of 5G, particular immense benefits with which it will come.  From immersive learning experiences, high-speed connectivity to faster downloads in milliseconds, it 5th generation internet connection is set to improve IT in schools.