Baby at 16 Weeks Pregnant

There is great joy in keeping track of your infant’s development one week after another and this is something that most women do during pregnancy till the day of delivery finally arrives. Apart from being sure that their babies are growing well, they feel as part of this miraculous development when they are aware of what is happening each passing week nearing the due date they have been given.

Your baby at 16 weeks that’s in second trimester of pregnancy has grown and is at 5cm and weighs around 100g now. This is a size that is enough to push your belly and you could already be showing for pregnancy meaning also that your clothes are not fitting anymore and you need to start shopping for comfortable maternity wear. You are in the second trimester and you will need to understand that the bulge will get bigger and bigger till the baby is finally born. You can check out randomstuffido for more information. Or, here are a few developments that the infant is making.

The limbs; the legs and arms are quite developed and elongating by the day. It is a fact that during this week, the baby is able to bend the arms and legs and kick. You will be amazed to know that he can actually suck on the fingers and toes during this week whenever they come near the mouth. The sucking is great since it trains the baby how to breastfeed before it is born. The fingers and toes will grow nails during this period as well.

The face; mainly all the parts are in place including the ears and it is believed that the baby can actually hear your voice when you speak or sing. The eyelids are still sealed but the eyes can already move from side to side. The baby during this week can actually make different facial expressions including grimaces and frowns. It is an amazing period of development. The eyebrows are beginning to take shape and hair will also sprout during this week.

The body; in this period, the body faces drastic growth and the head will stop looking as though it is bigger than the rest of the body. Remember that the brain needs to start growing early and this is the main reason as to why the head has always been looking bigger but with the growth changes this week, the rest of the baby’s body will start catching up with the size of the head. It will also stop looking so bended and will manage to stay a little straight.

The genitals; they are in place and developing internally. During this week, an ultrasound will actually reveal the gender of your infant and you can now start shopping for stuff in relation to the baby’s gender is this is what you have been dreaming of. However, for those who want to have an ultrasound without necessarily knowing the gender, it is very possible since the doctor won’t fill you in the details of the issue.

The baby at 16 weeks pregnant is more human than in past period, and you can actually feel him or her move around the uterus. The movements are not that strong during this week and will basically feel like tiny flutters or gas bubbles.