The Hidden Love Between Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock

The two stars appeared together in the movie “ Speed” in 1994. Their chemistry in the movie was supernatural. Everyone could notice the spark between the two stars. Like the movie, their relation was going good in the backstage, and also they were adorable together.

They even liked each other. But they never dated. But Why? What really happened?

During filming, Sandra Bullock had a huge crush on Keanu. During an interview at the Ellen Show, Sandra revealed about her crush.

“I think about how sweet Keanu Reeves was and how handsome he was. It was hard, it was really… It was hard for me “ to like really be serious.“ Like, he would look at me, and I’d be like (Giggling).”

But she never dated him. Because Sandra thought her crush was one-sided. She thought Keanu didn’t see her that way. “Did you all get together?” “Did you date him?” Never dated him.”

“There’s just something about me that I guess he didn’t like.” That’s why Sandra never talked about her feelings to Keanu. But as it turns out, Keanu had a similar crush on Sandra.

Few days after Sandra’s interview, Keanu appeared on the Ellen Show. And what he said there left everyone crazy. Ellen showed Keanu what Sandra had told about him. “Did you know that she had a crush on you?” No.” She obviously didn’t know I had a crush on her either.“ Oh, Wow.”


Keanu and Sandra both had crus on each other. But both were shy and afraid to express their feelings. “She’s such a wonderful person and a wonderful actress. “ “It was nice to go to work.”

During shooting, Keanu used to take care of Sandra as a friend. He was always concerned about her well-being during action scenes.” My dress sort of kept flying up so I said”. “ Whatever you do, just keep my dress down” The whole stunt he just made sure of my dress. He was very sweet.“

But sadly, no one had the guts to make the first move. In 2006, the stars met again on the sets. They were filming the movie “The Lake House.” They were again playing as a romantic couple in that movie.

But Sadly for fans, Sandra was in a relationship at that time. Keanu and Sandra could have had an epic romance. But they never got together in real life. But you never know… In Hollywood, the future is never predictable!