Keanu Reeves – 8 Best Roles


Keanu Reeves has played a variety of roles in a huge number of movies. Some of them are a time-traveling highschooler, a computer hacker, and an ex-assassin. Despite some people not wanting to admit it, only a few actors can do both comedy and drama, and Keanu managed to do so. Here are 8 of his best roles.

8. Neo


Neo, also known as Thomas Anderson or “the one” is the person responsible for world peace, in Matrix world trilogy. After Neo took the red pill, he started an incredible journey through cyberspace. He broke the barriers of reality and saved the world.

7. Johnny Utah


Point Break is a movie that has both gunfights and surfing.
Keanu and Patrick Swayze have the roles of two friends who love each so much that the undercover cop Johny Utah doesn’t want to turn in his buddy Bodhi. This movie relived the definition of “bromance.” They really managed to convince the audience that they aren’t best friends when they first met, but as the movie continues that is exactly what they become.

6. John Wick

The legendary sentence of John Wick in this movie is “I’m thinking I’m back”, which he pronounced when one of his deadly foes tied him to a chair. This role probably defined his career. He plays the world’s greatest assassin, who killed hundreds of people but loves his dog.

5. Scott Favor


Don’ make a mistake: Even though My Private Idaho is River Phoenix’s movie, Keanu was a great co-lead in this drama. It is a movie about two characters going on a journey, and Keanu’s role is crucial. The plot combines both Shakespearean saga and New Queer Cinema movement. A scene when Mike (Phoenix) confessed his unrequited love to Scott became the most tragic moment of the gay community.

4.Don John


Keanu acted alongside Denzel Washington, Emma Thompson, Kate Beckinsale, Michael Keaton, and Keeneth Branagh, who created this movie, Much Ado About Nothing. He played the role of Don John and gained some credibility as an actor. However, he was known for his roles in action movies and comedies even before that.

3. Kevin Lomax


This movie is certainly unique since it is a legal thriller that turns into a Satanic supernatural horror story. Keanu Reeves plays a lawyer who works for Satan, and even though he was overshadowed by Al Pacino’s performance as his boss, he did a great job.

2. Keanu


When Keanu found out about the comedy movie being made, with the title featuring his name, he offered to be in the film.

1.Jack Traven


When you see the title of the movie “Die Hard on a bus”, it sounds a bit stupid, but that is the real beauty of Speed. It makes you think it is absurd, but then you really hook up on it. Keanu created an original action movie hero and added things to his character.

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