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Frank Stallone Net Worth 2021 – A Versatile American

Frank Stallone is a famous person in the United State. He is known as an actor, songwriter, guitarist, and singer. He is best known as a songwriter for movies that featured his brother Sylvester Stallone. His best-known work was for writing songs such as “Far from Over” that featured in 1983`s “Staying Alive”. The soundtrack from this movie earned him the tenth place on Billboard Hot 100. Let us give you an insight into Frank Stallone`s short bio and net worth as of 2021.

Personal Life

Frank Stallone Jr. was born on the thirtieth of July 1950. He was born in New York, the United States to Frank Stallone Sr. and Jacqueline Stallone (ex Labofish). His mother was a dancer, women`s professional wrestler promoter, and an astrologer. His mother was one Ukraine and French ancestry. His father was of Italian descent. He is a younger brother of famous actor Sylvester Stallone. He graduated from Lincoln High School.

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As a solo musician, he released many singles, mostly pop songs. As we said, he is best-known as an author of songs for movies that starred his brother Sylvester. His credo is a song named “Far from Over”. It was featured in “Staying Alive” that was released in 1983 and featured his older brother in the main role and director position. That song earned him a nomination for Grammy and Golden Globe.

In 1985, he released his first studio album called “Frank Stallone” that was part jazz part big band. Later, he formed his own band called “The Frank Stallone Band”. He has worldwide tours with his band even today. From 1985 to today, he released ten studio albums, from which nine were his solo albums. Throughout his career, he was praised by famous musicians such as Sammy Chan, Tommy Bennet, and Frank Sinatra.

Before he became a musician, he was an amateur boxer, and because of that, he was chosen to appear in a tv show called “The Contender”. Also, he appeared in “Hulk Hogan`s Celebrity Championship Wrestling”. In that show, he was the second one who was eliminated. Plus, besides his acting career, songwriting, singing, guitarist, and many other talents, he appeared in several tv shows. For example, he appeared in “The Smoking Gun Presents World`s Dumbest…”. Also, he starred in some several movies, most notably “Tombstone”, “Barfly”, and “The Roller Blade Seven”.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Frank Stallone`s estimated net worth is $3.5 million. Most of his wealth comes from his musical career, and some smaller part comes from his appearances on movies and tv shows. Plus, he appeared on several reality tv shows, which were very popular in the United States. He has toured with his band from the late eighties, so he gets a significant amount of money from that part too. At his spare time, he enjoys working out in the gym and going to the shooting range. Also, he considers himself a collector of souvenirs, guns, and guitars.

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