Dynamo’s Coronavirus Became ‘Severe’ Because he also has Crohn’s Disease

Magician Dynamo said how his pre-existing health conditions made the experience of coronavirus “severe.”

Dynamo,  also known as Stephen Frayne, is suffering from Crohn’s disease and also arthritis.

He told Chris Evans’ Virgin Radio Breakfast Show that he has been healing up since he is following the guidelines by self-isolating and resting.

“I was obviously struck down by COVID,” he said, “My case was possibly a mild case, but it got quite severe because of my existing condition.”

He then added: “The last couple of weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time in bed.

“I’ve been self-isolating and following all of the rules. Now I’m definitely feeling in much better spirits.”

The drugs he must take for Crohn’s disease can hamper the immune system, which makes him a high risk.

Dynamo sent a message of hope for the future, by continuing: “If anything, it just in some ways shows that we shouldn’t take things for granted and we should just make the most of the moments that we go through.

“I hope everyone’s taking this time as well to take care of themselves and trying to be positive and use this time wisely.”

The magician has been open about his coronavirus experience, and even shared other detailes of his life.

“Some of my greatest triumphs have come from dark places,” he said, “My whole outlook on life came from not having a father figure – someone to guide me.

“I had to make my own path.”

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