Do Athletes Use PEMF?

Probably one of the most asked questions amongst athletes across the world today. PEMF is discovered to be one of the most powerful healing tools for the central nervous system, immune system, as well as muscle recovery.

When it comes to using PEMF therapy, you can be certain of getting the support you need for your body’s natural abilities. As we all know, you need to maintain good wellness for your body to remain functional.

To know what PEMF offers an athlete who decides to indulge in the therapy, let’s find out more about PEMF and its benefits to an athlete.

What Does PEMF Therapy Mean?

Generally, PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field. PEMF therapy is a process that sends a low level of magnetic frequencies directly into the body system. These low frequencies find their way through the skin and in turn, penetrate the bones, muscles, and organs, starting a healing process.

To a lot of people, this type of therapy is a safe way to treat injuries, the pain that comes with it, including long-term issues such as diabetes and depression. The main goal of this therapy is to speed up a recovery process from the inside out.

How The PEMF Therapy Works

If you subscribe to get this therapy, your body will be introduced to a PEMF machine, that either comes as a mat or pad. Each cell in the body is like a capacitor or battery, that contains a certain amount of charge. In other words, the body needs a measurable electrical charge to function well.

PEMF exercise sends electromagnetic pulses to penetrate the body at the cellular level, which stimulates cells to start healing naturally. In its raw energy, it supports the body and brings it to experience rejuvenation from a poor state of body condition.

Why An Athlete Needs PEMF

By now, you may have gotten one or two insights on whether an athlete uses PEMF and how it could be of great help to them. The number of benefits from a PEMF therapy session is out-of-this-world.

So, without any further waste of time, let’s dive into some of those benefits you can get from a few PEMF treatments.

1. Improves Blood Circulation

As an athlete, you may experience excruciating pains in your legs, either while running, jumping, or walking. Sometimes, it may disappear within a few minutes, though bad ones can cause lingering soreness.

The body’s muscles tend to perform longer and recover faster with PEMF Therapy. After a workout, muscles become sore and sometimes tense.

Pains come as a result of poor blood circulation in the muscles. A well-known effect of PEMF therapy is to reduce muscle tension and soreness.

Another immediate response is to gently make use of heated leg wraps, read more at HealthyLine, which is a great remedy to boost circulation for the repair of damaged muscles.

Heated leg wraps have four integrated heating panels that use undetectable coils to provide heat to the leg, in a few minutes. Unlike the normal heating pads, the wraps deliver deep-penetrating heat that stimulates blood circulation to loosen muscles, bringing relief to any swelling in the joints.

Athletes that usually participate in competitions and practice, despite their injuries, include PEMF as a regular part of their training regimens. The regular use of PEMF therapy is a high level for professional athletes today.

2. Reduces Recovery Time

It’s important for every athlete to properly recover for any training and athletic performance. If the body is not given enough time to rejuvenate, it could reduce the effectiveness and smooth progress of an athlete’s training sessions.

A PEMF machine helps by sending electromagnetic pulses into the tissues. The electric pulses move to recharge cells and oxygenate the blood.

This form of therapy reduces pain and inflammation and eliminates the body’s need for pain medication. The FDA has also approved PEMF for several other kinds of applications relating to healing.

Clinical trials have also discovered that the use of PEMF can increase the rate of healing in the bone, especially after surgery. You can also be certain that it will also improve the quality of training.

3. Improves Performance

Another benefit is that it improves the athlete’s performance every time they go on the field. Apart from reducing recovery times, PEMF has also proven to promote the natural regeneration and health of cells, over and over again

Of course, you can always get an ice pack to reduce surface swelling, but the PEMF machine reaches through the body to optimize tissue health. Athletes operate at peak performance levels when they can reduce any chance of injury.

As earlier stated, one major role of PEMF therapy is its ability to prime muscles for sustained force and a quick recovery, so, PEMF therapy allows athletes to work harder and be at their best for their next workout or training session.

Depending on the level you’ve gotten to as an athlete, you can decide to set a new world record to get to your best level and reduce the mental and physical pains during your athletic journey.

Other major benefits include:

  • Decreases cellular breakdown during any physical activity to prevent any form of injury
  • Improves mental focus and concentration for the next training
  • Inflammation is one way to delay muscle recovery, but PEMF increases recovery rate, helping athletes heal faster by reducing swelling and inflammation
  • Pulsed electromagnetic therapy is known for eliminating the presence of lactic acid from the cells, which also helps in reducing pain
  • Helps in promoting strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina, and a good range of motion for the athlete.
  • Reduces soreness, stiffness, and cramps from physical stress on the muscle
  • Increased cell hydration and metabolism
  • Enhances the ability of the immune system
  • It also works to oxygenate the blood, promoting endurance and improving the mass-energy production of muscles and cells.

A lot of different clinics and health professionals are out there, ready to offer PEMF therapy. Some of these professionals include physical therapists, chiropractic doctors, and massage therapists.


To answer your question, yes, athletes use PEMF, as there is a lot to benefit from it. Having regular PEMF treatments does not just maximize athletic performance or reduce recovery times after training, but also promotes good health. As an athlete, you should take advantage of this healthy platform.

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