10 Best ways to gear up fast in World of Warcraft Shadowlands

When it is the time to collect gear for end-game content in World of Warcraft, it is no cake walk. Gearing in Shadowlandsinvolves the most basic tactics where you need to remove several random bonuses such as Warforgin,Titanforging, and Corruption, to get more static item drops that are easily assessible.

Below we walk you through ten different ways to gear up in WOW Shadowlands, and the item level that you drop with these activities.

1. Focus on Crafting


There is a wide variety available for gear for item level item levels 151 -168. You will find some cool gear that includes tailored stuff for cloth wearers, trendy leather work for leather workers and black smith material for plate wearers. There are foot wraps, hand cuffs and wraps, cords, cowls, cloaks, tunics and mantles, and trousers that you can grab. These items are ideal to start with your gearing, but you need to check the stats if they support your class.

There are two ways to acquire these items. You can level up your profession and collect material, which you can later design yourself. Or, you can purchase directly from the Shadowland auction house. In the beginning stages, the basic craft items even in the higher realms are affordable.

2. Make the Most of Dungeon Runs

This includes the runs in the normal, mythic, orheroic dungeons. This applies to item Levels 158-184. The qualifying level is 157. However, if you haven’t got to that level, you need a Normal run to get some gear pieces and also get ready for Mythic and Heroic dungeons.

With Heroic dungeons, you get gear for item level 171. Similarly, with Mythic dungeons, you get to drop items for level 184. You can easily complete Both Mythic and Heroic dungeons, whatever is your requirement for item level. So, with the start of your game, you should target Mythicsafter one or two days of gruesome Heroic dungeon grinds.

3. Aim for Legendary Gear

As the game advances, your quest for Soul Ash will be your new target. With your Covenant quest, you will come across Torghast, which is the Tower of the Damned. This is an endless dungeon, your gateway to earn Soul Ash. This applies to item Levels 190 to 235. Here, the limitation is that you can only earn a small about of Soul Ash in a week. Legendary gear doesn’t come easy, but after you reach 1,250, you can create your first Legendary gear.

Legendaries are available in four ranks. These ranks depend on what base items you have created by Tailoring, Leatherworking, Blacksmithing, and Jewel crafting professions. The minimum rank for any of these items offers a Legendary for item level 190. Similarly, the highest rank assigns a legendary item level 235. Whatever is your rank, you can always gradually collect your points every week and get an upgrade. You can do this till you have sufficient Soul Ash.

4. Go for Mythic+ Runs

The perfect way to collect gear is going for the Mythic+ dungeons runItem levels 187 -210.Even if you get the minimum keystone dungeons, you can succeed in getting gear for 187thlevel. For those securing the highest keystones, you get gear for level 210.The higher dungeons will require a lot of time to collect the gear, as you need to have knowledge for that. So, you should targetsecuring the Mythic+ in a stepwise manner.As you develop your class, you can get more gear.

5. Get Valor Points

The concept of Valor points was introduced in World of Warcraft Patch 9.0.5. These points help you gear up using the Mythic+ systemfor item levels 184-220. You can get Valor points in two ways. Firstly, by completing Covenant Callings, you get points. For every Rare Calling, you get 35 points and for an Epic calling you get 50 Valor points.

The second method is by completion of any Mythic+ dungeon,whichstraight away gives 135 Valor points. The points increase by 750 each week.

You can exchange your Valor points at Oribos in Covenant Halls and upgrade your gear. Here are the requirements for the gear:

Till level 197- There are no special requirements

Item level 200- Finish all dungeonsin Shadowlands at minimum 5 Mythic levels.

Item level 207:Finish all Mythic dungeons in Shadowlands at minimum level 10.

Item level 213 and more: Finish all dungeons in Shadowlands dungeons at minimum level 15.

6. Get Castle Nathria Gear

Getting Castle Narthia gear can also help you level up fast. There are associated raids and loot applicable for item levels 187-233.As you expand, the first raid has four difficulty levels, which are LFR, Normal, Heroic, and Mythic. While an LFR run is the easiest and you can do that alone, for Heroic run you need a group. For Mythic Castle Nathriarun, you need an entire guild.

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7. Aim for the Great Vault

You will find the Great Vault in Oribos which gets a weekly reset. So, you get gear items based on what you competed the week before. This is for Item levels 200 -226. You will get rich rewards based on how many bosses you defeated and how many Mythic dungeons you completed or earned honors.

Your golden aim should be to complete various milestones of keystone dungeons or earninghonors. This provides the maximum choice of items to a player at the end of the week.

8. Use PVP

PVP has a vendor in Shadowlands from where you can buy gear starting at item level 158. This is in line with running the Normal Dungeon runs and collect more honor. However, this provides a limited way to upgrade your gear based on renown. Your target is to collect sufficient renown to reach the targets that increase your unrated PVP gear. Compared to dungeons, PVP is slow to get gear and the maximum item level is also low.

9. Power of Conduits

You can take gearing help from conduits, which don’t directly increase your item level like quests and dungeons. It is easy to collect gear with conduits by running dungeons. The more is the level of the conduits you collect, the more power they give you.

10. Reputations

Shadowlands also offers new reputations that give rewards. For each zone in the game, there is a distinct faction. You can collect Honoredgear at item level 164, Revered gear at item level 181 and Exalted gear at item level 200. It is easy and quick to get these rewards.

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