5 Zodiac Signs with Weakest Immune System and How to Improve Them

The world has gone to lockdown to prevent the spread of deadly coronavirus. Unfortunately, that seems to be the only thing we can do to stave off this disease. The only thing that stands between us and COVID-19 is our immune system. Your zodiac sign can offer a glimpse into it and tell you what you can expect in case you do have a brush with the virus.


Taurus is usually lauded as one of the strongest zodiac signs, but that doesn’t apply to their immune system. Despite excellent predisposition, Taurus tends to disregard regular exercise, which can lead to some health problems. Plus, Venus has just changed the position, and Taurus is vulnerable to diseases more than ever. The solution is to eat as much vitamin C in the form of citruses.



Scorpio is susceptible to colds and fevers. Although generally known for good health, the current positions of Mars and Saturn can cause problems. Try to drink s much fluids as possible, preferably warm water. If you have to go out, take a shower as soon as you get back to your apartment.



The cure for Gemini’s weak immune system is plenty of vitamin C and regular 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Also, it is a good idea to try and practice meditation and restrain your racing thoughts. With Rahu transiting Gemini’s house, Gemini needs to be very cautious.


Sagittarius needs to stay away from their adventures and remain at home. There are plenty of new things online to satisfy their curiosity. Lots of rest and no late-night snacks are the best advice for them at the moment.



Pisces is known for attracting toxic thoughts and absorbing them. This can wreck their immune system and leave them vulnerable to the virus. It would be a good idea to stay away from the news, especially those about COVID-19. Preparing healthy meals and talking with friends and family often via video chat are the best things this watery sign can do for its health.

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