5 Ways a Private Marriage Retreat can Reinvigorate Your Marriage

A private marriage retreat can be something that can have a profound impact on your marriage. At these retreats, couples can sort out issues that have been festering either on or under the surface of the marriage for years.

When you decide to attend a private retreat, you know that you and your partner will be able to truly focus on the issues in your marriage, and will get the necessary help and support to create solutions to these problems.

A private retreat can be the spark needed to reinvigorate your marriage and jumpstart the necessary healing process that any broken relationship would need to thrive once again and be successful. Below are the benefits you can expect when you decide to attend a private marriage retreat.

1. Time Alone


One of the biggest issues surrounding many marriages is finding time to be alone with your partner. Sure, once the kids are asleep or everything is done, you might be able to find a free hour or two.

The issue here is that often that time alone isn’t quality time together. The best relationships understand the need for an alone time where you and your partner can connect.

People’s lives are busy today and that’s where a private retreat is beneficial. You and your partner are given plenty of quality time alone (outside of the therapy sessions) to work on issues in the private and secure environment that a broken relationship needs most.

2. Intimacy and Connection Restored


Along with time alone, most struggling relationships have lost the intimacy that tends to be the glue that bonds people together. Every relationship needs that intimate connection. Intimacy leads to stronger feelings of togetherness, an increase in empathy, and keeps couples together.

The strongest relationships are ones where there are high levels of intimacy between partners. At a private marriage retreat, couples have the time and space to restore that connection and rekindle the intimacy that has probably been lacking for quite some time.

3. Sort out Gridlock Issues


Any couple struggling to keep their relationship together has those issues that seem to hinder any type of positive progress. People tend to be stubborn, especially when they feel that they are right about a certain issue.

A private retreat gives the couple one-on-one attention with a qualified therapist who will help the couple get to the root of the issues. Many times, the areas where one partner or the other is holding firm isn’t really the heart of the problem.

At a private marriage retreat, the counselors work intensively with the couple to help them overcome the issues that have been plaguing the marriage and give them useful strategies to leave past issues in the past while working together to heal the marriage.

4. Have Fun with One Another


Remember having fun with your partner? Odds are if your relationship is struggling, that is one aspect that has been missing. A happy, healthy relationship is lighthearted and fun. So many couples get distracted by all the stresses of daily life, they forget how to relax and have fun.

A private retreat gives you the opportunity to sit back, enjoy one another and remember how to have some fun. You have the time to go for walks, play games, and find ways to have fun that hasn’t been available in your marriage.

There are plenty of health benefits of laughter, and couples who have fun together report being more satisfied and fulfilled in their relationships.

5. No Distractions


One of the biggest hurdles is finding time to work on a relationship. With work, kids, and other obligations taking priority, making time to save a marriage gets lost in the shuffle.

At a marriage retreat like Relationship Rescue Academy, you are able to leave all those distractions behind you and focus solely on your partner. Without all of life’s normal distractions, couples are able to concentrate on those issues that are in dire need of attention.

A private marriage retreat is a perfect location to reinvigorate a marriage. Regardless of the issues that brought you to the retreat, you can rest assured that you and your partner will have the time to reconnect with one another while you work on healing your relationship.

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