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Brighten a Dark Room through Decorative Changes

Regardless of the type of room in question – whether it’s a bedroom, a living room, a kitchen or even a basement, a dark space appears gloomy and monotonous. Considering aesthetics while keeping a room as colorfully lit as possible, we tend to turn to the brighter options, to feel uplifted. For example, you can purchase lights and lamps from online stores like at extraordinary prices!

There are plenty of ways to brighten up a dark space and a number of tricks to make any room appear bigger and vivacious. Let’s take a look at some options below:

  • Add more white to your background:

White color has this magical ability to make any space look spacious due to its reflecting power. It emits light instead of absorbing it, naturally increasing the brightness and sending a cheerful aura across the room. You don’t necessarily have to paint your walls white to achieve this effect; adding white to any of the essentials (curtains, furniture, etc.) will do.

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  • Incorporate bright colored pieces to dark-colored rooms:

A dark colored room can also be turned to look like a bright and fun. Adding bright colored furniture, curtains or even rugs, etc. can contrast the dark color and radiate a vibrant look pleasing to the eyes.

  • Replace your lights:

If you have light bulbs or wall lights that are lower on the warm and bright side and give out a yellowish glow, consider having them replaced with bulbs that are white or blue. They can easily contrast the darkness of the room.

  • Add more wall lights:

Wall lights can efficiently increase the glow and reach the edges of the room which remain elusive to light. Incorporating wall lights into your décor can help increase the brightness as well as make it look bigger. You can set them up by positioning the scones to aim upwards and downwards. That way, most of the light will be reflected into the room.

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  • Add plants:

Adding a flower pot or two can bring about a pleasant change. The greenery will be pleasant to the eyes and somewhat add serenity to the environment. The natural light, the intoxicating smell, and the extra oxygen will surely level up inside.

  • Add extra mirrors:

Mirrors are great reflectors of light and hence will ensure it reaches those areas which remain dark; as a result, the darkness is absorbed. In addition, mirrors also tend to make the room look bigger and make efficient use of space.

  • Mix it up a little:

While white lights or other brighter colors are usually preferred for their ability to increase brightness in a room, the combination of bright and dark makes for a cheerful addition too. If your walls are dark in color, make sure the rest of your décor is made up of bright colors to add contrast and vice versa. The dark-bright combination makes any room stand out.

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  • Try to add loud accents just for fun:

Decorate your dark room and make the walls as colorful and funky as possible. Get creative, add more noise and make it a piece of art. Noise adds more impact, increases brightness and wall arts are great to look at.

Some changes we mentioned in this article can help your space look brighter; however, be careful with your changes and do not go overboard. Ensure there is an equal share of brightness and darkness within the room and the contrast is adjusted suitably. Make sure there is enough light to expand space, replace the gloom and add a feel-good factor while at the same time, make sure your room is not too bright so as to hurt your eyes.