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About Garena Free Fire APK – Tips & Tricks

Garena Free Fire is a mobile game which works on Android as well on iOS. The main point of this game is survival and it has come to redefine this survival genre. There are lots to be covered in Garena, so let’s see how this game holds up.

Garena Free Fire Gameplay

The gameplay is similar to other forms of battle royal type games where you will be suddenly thrown off from an airplane and will land straight into an island. This island will be filled up with other people. There your first major objective will be to find ammunition, first aids and weapons of course. Then your job is really simple- gear up to destroy anyone you see so that it is you who is standing at the end. But it really isn’t as easy as it sounds.

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How are the Game Controls?

In Garena Free Fire, there will be a lot of controls you will have to be mindful of. There you will find an option to duck, attack and also to take cover on the floor. Of course, you are going to struggle a little in the beginning. But it’s better if you adapt to it fast or you will be killed in the game.

Are Graphics Good?

Once you will enter the arena you will understand that it really isn’t a high spec game. So while graphics play a big role for some, a mid to low spec game has its own advantages. These types of games will easily play on cheaper phones.

Some tips and tricks

  • Focus on character, not skin: Those pants, t-shirts, and hats look good on your character, but they are just wearable items which don’t give any advantage to your character. Keep in mind that since cosmetic items are sold off in exchange for diamonds, use that feature to focus on other important tasks. Characters, on the other hand, do provide an advantage. There are 8 as such in Garena. Two called- ‘Adam’ and ‘Eve’ are unlocked for you. Then the other six have benefits like faster sub-machine reload, lower damage incur outside the safe zone, faster driving speeds and more. Choose your character carefully and play to your strengths. You can use a Free Fire Mod Apk to unlock all the characters.
  • Notice the red: In Free Fire Apk, you will find your sights going red sometimes. Don’t ignore that, that is a warning. It means that there is an enemy in front of you. So if you shoot, you can secure a hit. But of course, it depends on your aim too.
  • Vehicles: Only use vehicles during the early stages of the game because a moving automobile is just a red blinking light which tells everyone where you are at. At the beginning when everyone is fighting with each other, your enemies won’t pay that much attention to a target moving away.
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Use Garena Free Fire Mod Apk to stay on top

You can take advantage of using this Garena Free Fire Mod Apk in the game. It will give you almost unlimited diamonds and coins on your game account, so you can buy all the items you want. You can also unlock all the playable characters. It is also very easy to use and you don’t need to root your device. You can download best Garena Free Fire Mod Apk from .

Overall, Garena Free Fire is a good game to play and you will surely enjoy playing it if you can overlook the low specs. These tips given above will also give you an advantage over others