Best Core Exercises for Older Adults

Every person must give priority to their health. Even if you get old, you must work on your core strength to keep yourself active and energetic all day. With increasing age, a person must not focus on resting his body. It is not suitable for your overall health, posture, body balance, etc. When you get old, getting back pain and other diseases increases. Therefore, it is essential to work on core muscles and strengthen your body.

Seniors who cannot move their bodies too much must go for the vibrating machines. People need to stand or sit on the machine, and all the work will be done. Visit to shop for vibrating machines to do core exercises. These machines will help you in doing exercises comfortably and provide better results. In the following write-up, we will discuss some of the best core exercises for older adults.

1.  Superman

This exercise is highly-effective on both upper and lower back muscles. You can also expect the best results in glutes. In the superman exercise, you have to lie down and keep your face towards the ground. Now, you have to extend your arms over your head.

After that, you have to lift your head and left arm with your right leg above the ground. Now, you have to get back in the same position. You have to repeat other arm and leg. If it is difficult for you to sit on the floor, then you can use the chair. You can keep your head on the table and raise your arms and legs.

2.  Side Bends

If you want to reduce fat on the obliques, then side bend exercise is the most even in the older age. You have to stand with your feet apart at shoulder width for this exercise. One has to keep his arms on the sides. You have to start tilting towards the right side and then move back to the original position.

After that, you have to tilt towards your left side and continue doing the same on both sides alternately. The twisting is not easy for many seniors. But there is again a solution for them. You can use a chair to do side bends. Take a seat and keep your arms straight on the side. Keep doing the same repeatedly and strengthen your oblique muscles.

3.  Wood Chops

It is an effective core exercise for older people. The targeted body part is oblique. You need to stand as per your hip width. After that, you need to clasp your palms. You have to keep your arms straight and then chop your arm to your left hip and right ear.

Now, you have to chop on the other side. Repeat this exercise several times to move your muscles properly. If it is difficult for you to make this position, then you can sit in a chair and do the chopping work by touching your knees.

4.  Dead Bug

This exercise is perfect for your upper and lower abdominal muscles. First, you have to lie on the floor and keep your knees bent. You have to push yourself towards the floor by pulling the belly button. Lift your right leg and keep it parallel to the floor. Now, put the right leg back to the original position and lift your left leg.

If you can lift both legs at the same time, then it will be more effective. If it is difficult for you to lie down on the floor, you can prefer this exercise by sitting on a chair. It will help engage the core while lifting your legs and then keep it down.

5.  Plank

If you want to engage your entire core, then plank is the perfect exercise. There are different variations of this exercise, and it helps build strength in your body. You can perform this exercise only when you have great fitness goals. You have to lie on the floor on your stomach. Press your forearms pressed to the floor and keep your back straight. Now, you have to squeeze the glutes and stay in the same position for some seconds.

You can increase the time when you gain enough strength. If this exercise is quite strenuous for you, then you can make some modifications. Instead of keeping your entire body straight, you must bend your knees while doing the plank. Make sure that you squeeze your muscles to avoid sagging. But if this position is also challenging, then you can simply stand and press yourself to the wall.

6.  Bridges

It is an easy core-engaging exercise for everyone. First, you have to take a recumbent position and then start lifting your buttocks. Due to the rigidity in your body to the pelvis from the rib cage, it is a highly-effective exercise. It also involves the core muscles of your belly button, back, and pelvis. You need to stay in the same position for a few seconds.

After some time, the entire body parts will become solid, and the muscles will start contracting. You will get the feeling of a corset while performing this exercise. This exercise is complicated for many people, but you can start doing it by sitting on the chair and holding yourself a bit up to feel the same.

The Bottom Line

Even if you get old, you should not stop doing exercises and engaging your core muscles. You should practice simple positions to attain strength in your different body parts. It is difficult to maintain balance and have enough strength to do daily activities when you become old.

But if you keep on practicing all the mentioned exercises, you will feel good, and your body will stay active and healthy. If it is difficult to make the exact positions, then you can try some modifications. Make sure that you do these exercises daily to observe better results. Within a few days, you will see the results, and you will be happy about your gained strength.