How Can Daily Walking Benefit Your Health


 Okay, certain things might have changed since the way we were out in the woods hunting and gathering, but that still doesn’t mean that we should all become a couch potato and completely dismiss physical activity. Is that the end of our evolution path – becoming a potato that spends its day on a couch? We don’t think so. A fact is that most of us are living a fast-paced lifestyle where not a lot of time remains for self-care and family time. Still, with good organization and a positive mindset, everything can be achieved. And the first thing you should always have in mind is your overall health. By implementing regular exercise, nutritious diet, and a positive mindset to your daily routine you will be doing yourself and your body a huge favor.

Now, when we say regular exercise we don’t think only on strenuous workouts that will completely wear you off and leave you with aching muscles. No, even a light cardio workout or a yoga session can be of great benefit to your well-being. One of the most underrated forms of exercises is walking. People usually don’t think of walking as exercise given the fact that it is natural for a person to do so – and exactly there lies its power. It doesn’t take much effort yet people still seem to skip on it. We would all rather take a car ride to work/school or when going grocery shopping instead of walking those few extra miles and getting all the health benefits it offers.


What Are The Health Benefits Of Walking

1. Well, first and foremost walking is a daily activity meaning that now more than ever you will be able to get your routine done without even noticing it. By walking more than 6,000 steps a day you are considered as active, and everything above 10,000 is superb. And believe us, walking will benefit your overall health especially if you fasten the pace a beat. First and foremost – you will spend a lot more time outside which means less electronic screen and more fresh air and sun exposure which can increase your Vitamin D levels. Along with that, it is one of the best stress relievers as well – feel anxious or uncomfortable, go outside and walk it out.

2. The fact that walking is not strenuous gives you a variety of options. You will be able to do change your pace and routes on daily basis and make it all much more interesting. Also, walking can become quite a fun social activity as well – gather up with a group of friends and have a nice stroll through the downtown. And let’s not forget that an inexpensive device such as a pedometer can go a long way boosting your confidence and helping you to go through your limits.

3. Along with that, walking (especially fast-paced) is considered as a cardio activity meaning that you will be burning calories and that is great in case you want to lose those few extra pounds. And your heart will be a great benefit as well as through it you are improving your condition and cleaning out your blood vessels (with proper hydration and diet after, of course). The good news now is that you have no excuse – you can walk at home, but first, you need to find the best treadmill possible.


4. Also, walking is a great way to clear your mind and numerous studies have suggested that 90 minutes of effective walking a day (apart from your regular housework, or on job tasks) can reduce chances of certain mental conditions as well as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

5. Last but not least by walking more than 6,000 steps on a daily basis you are improving your lung capacity and boosting your whole immune system.


By including more walking you will feel better by the day and in a matter of a few weeks, you will realize that our body was made for much more than Netflix and chill. We, of course, don’t say that you shouldn’t relax, but with proper organization, healthy routine, and regular exercise you will be ready for whatever lies ahead!